Animated Chick Tracts Finding Many Uses

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Soul winners are finding many ways to use the DVD of animated Chick Tracts. One church with three children`s church services a week is showing the DVD to the children while waiting for the parents to pick them up. Teachers knew the message was getting through when one little girl admitted that her mother drank beer and asked if the devils got into her mom when she did, like it showed on the DVD. The teacher had to admit that that was true and a little boy standing by said, "Then that must be why my dad gets mean when he drinks beer!" Out of the innocent mouths of babes come the hard questions, sometimes.

Another church has set up chairs in the parking lot and invited the neighborhood kids to come and see the stories, projected on an outside wall of the church. When they added free popcorn, they had a lot of visitors. The church is in a place with high foot traffic and many people take the time to stop and watch the short, engaging videos.

Others in the church have developed a ministry by taking the DVDs on a player or laptop computer to show to people. This works especially well in prison, rest homes and shut ins.

In any public place, a player can be set up to repeat the stories endlessly to catch anyone who happens to be in the area and has a few minutes to spare. Some businesses may already have equipment on display that could be showing the videos and mix the gospel witness with other business.

One church in South Carolina is located in a small county with approximately 1200 homes. They took on the project to duplicate 1200 DVDs and deliver a package to each home containing a DVD, copies of the tracts that are on the DVDs, and a short flyer about their church. This kind of saturation guarantees that the gospel has been delivered to each home in a form that will surely be read and understood. When they view the DVD, the stories are short but immediately engaging, making it very likely that it will be seen all the way through. Since the story, The Sissy, was written specifically for truckers, Truckers` Christian Chapel, with dozens of chapel ministries at truck stops, made 10,000 copies and handed them out at truck stops and trucking conventions. They will often have a DVD player looping The Sissy video on their display at a convention or in a truck stop chapel. The companion video on the DVD, Tiny Shoes, deals with the devastation in a family caused by alcohol. TCC considers this a suitable complement to The Sissy, since this is one of the many temptations that drivers face.

Several foreign language versions are available. The Chinese version has been used in Beijing by a hotel owner who duplicates them and sets them on a lobby shelf with a free-take-one sign. When he puts up a new supply, they are sometimes gone in minutes.

Since those who buy the DVD are free to copy it for their own use, thousands are going around the world. Using the engaging stories of the original printed tracts makes the videos grab the viewer`s attention and people usually stay for the whole message because of the short length. More animated videos of other Chick tracts are planned as soon as funds are available.

The animation is very expensive and a special organization has been set up to accept tax exempt donations. If you wish to help, please contact Biblical Video Productions, 1701 Rand Morgan Road, Corpus Christi, TX 78410. DVDs can be purchased from Chick Publications and previewed online at