Why Is Islam So Dangerous?

Western countries are helpless against Islam because they have given up the only weapon that really works.

4000 Tracts Quietly Seeded at Muslim Festival

Chick tracts distributed at Arab Festival by soul-winner wearing 'I (heart symbol) Muslims' t-shirt.

Missionaries Never 'Retire' -They Just Find Another Field

Here's how you can do what Marlin Baker did. After 27 years as a missionary, he was not ready to hang it up. With a heart for hurting people, he found plenty of them at the local jails.

What is Sharia?

See what Muslims plan to do with our Western culture... and how close they are to reaching their goal.

Animated Chick Tracts Finding Many Uses

Ideas you can use! Soul winners are finding a number of ways to use this DVD to reach their communities.

The Dark Side of 'Gay'

You won't hear these statistics about "gay" life in the news... it's not politically correct.

If You Can't Destroy the People of the Book, What's Next?

When Satan failed to wipe out the Christiains, he attacked the Bible using one simple lie. It's working.

Community Saturation Plan Continues to Expand

Dale and Sue Detro will teach you how to totally saturate your town with the Gospel, like they are doing.

Message From Jack Chick July/August 2012

Muslims are convinced they are on schedule to take over America. But God is running the show.

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2012

Found tract in trash, got saved.

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