Author Claims Some Dinosaurs Live Today!

In March, 1962, five teenage boys rode a small boat to a partially submerged shipwreck off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. They planned to explore the wreck with scuba gear. They encountered a storm that drove them off course and when they got back near the shipwreck it was foggy.

Hearing some strange animal noises, they watched a large head with teeth and green eyes, appear out of the fog several feet above the water on a long neck. As the "sea monster" moved closer, the boys panicked, grabbed their swim fins and dove into the water to try to escape to the ship.

One of the boys, Edward B. McCleary, lived to tell how, one by one, his buddies screamed in agony behind him as he swam for his life. McCleary made it to the ship and was rescued the next day. The body of one of the boys washed ashore several days later. He had drowned, but an intense search found no trace of the other three. The final assumption was that they had been eaten by the sea monster.

This is just one of many incidents related by Dr. Kent Hovind in his Creation Science Evangelism video series. Hovind claims that there have been over 20,000 sightings of "prehistoric" dinosaur type animals in the 20th century. In his video #3, Dinosaurs and the Bible, he shows photographs of other sea creatures that have been caught by fishing boats or washed ashore. He holds interviews with witnesses who describe, in detail, seeing dinosaur-like animals. Natives in remote Amazon or African jungles have been shown pictures of dinosaurs and immediately pointed to ones they have encountered and even killed.

Hovind questions the universal teaching that dinosaurs have been extinct for "millions of years." He says that the usual question asked in school is: "What caused the dinosaurs to become extinct?" Instead, it should be: "Are dinosaurs extinct?"

He points out that the Bible explains history from the beginning of creation about 6 thousand years ago. When a public school child is told, over and over for years, that these fascinating creatures all died "millions of years ago," what chance does a Sunday school teacher have convincing him to trust the Bible?

The word "dinosaur" is a relatively new word, coined in about 1850. Before that, the common word was "dragon" and there are thousands of stories in early history of men dealing with dragons. We have assumed that these were mythological creatures, the stuff of fairy tales. But many of them are told as serious history and primitive art is full of pictures of men fighting, riding on and making beasts of burden of dinosaur-like animals.

Hovind contends that Noah carried some baby dinosaurs on the ark along with all the other animals. After the flood, the climate changed and the large ones, which depended on lush, swamp-like environment, could not survive.

Smaller ones became more scarce as man populated the earth and only survived in the ocean and large, deep lakes such as Lock Ness or remote swamps such as the huge Likouala in equatorial Africa. Today, they are like the grizzly bear, only a few are alive in remote wildernesses far from civilization.

Hovind points to biblical words such as "behemoth," "leviathan," and even "dragon." The descriptions of these animals more accurately match dinosaurs than any other known animal.

Hovind was a high school science teacher for 15 years. He became so disturbed by the teaching of evolution that he quit to become an evangelist. He holds church services and seminars for schools where he shows that the Bible is true.

He makes three main points: God created the earth about 6 thousand years ago; 4400 years ago there was a world-wide flood; dinosaurs are not millions of years old but even exist today.

His 7-tape video set supports these points in extensive detail and challenges Christians to get this information out to counter Satan's lies about evolution and dinosaurs which create such confusion for school children.

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