Biblical Marriage the Casualty of the "Sexual Revolution"

With Biblical marriage reeling under the attack by the virulent gay rights activists, we should have seen it coming. For fifty years, one court case after another has jackhammered away at the foundations of the family.

In most of history, "recreational sex" has replaced God`s plan for "one flesh" bonding of husband and wife when God`s laws are ignored.

Contraceptives were the first issue. In 1965, in a Connecticut case (Griswold v. Connecticut) involving the sale of contraceptives to married couples, an ominous seed was planted. Here the court "discovered" a right to privacy in the Bill of Rights for individuals instead of just in the sanctity of marriage.

By this time, godless Humanism had grown strong roots in our schools and legislatures. If man was truly the spearhead of evolution's progress, then whatever man wanted to do must be good, and whatever he did in private was nobody's business.

No unwanted blob of tissue growing in a womb could be allowed to hinder the enjoyment of those involved. So, in 1973, the court gave the owner of that womb permission to medically eliminate that inconvenience (Roe v. Wade).

More arrows in the heart of marriage followed rapidly. A Missouri case cut fathers out of the picture by voiding a law requiring spousal and parental consent to an abortion (Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri v. Danforth).

Parents of children were next. A New York law barring sale of contraceptives to 15-year-olds and younger was voided (Carey v. Population Services International). Parents no longer had the right to know if their child was planning premarital sex.In 1979, a Massachusetts law requiring parental consent for a minor`s abortion was struck down in Bellotti v. Baird.

Along the way, Texas` anti-sodomy law was considered a violation of man`s "right to privacy" and was struck down in 2003 in Lawrence v. Texas.

With the foundations of marriage thus weakened, marriage itself came under fire. In 1993, Hawaii`s Supreme Court decided that the state`s marriage law violated the equal protection provision of the state constitution by not considering "sexual orientation."

This direct attack on man-woman marriage alerted many, and the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) passed congress by a wide margin and many state legislatures passed similar bills.

However, gay rights activists, having succeeded in changing the discussion from "sexual preference" to "sexual orientation," began attacking marriage in earnest.

If the evolving human animal now included a newly discovered sexual "orientation," then it was "discrimination" to forbid any of the expressions of that sexuality. Anyone confused over his sexuality could claim victimhood when forbidden to explore new sexual experiments.

Federal and state governments rushed to add legal protection for these "victims," adding "sexual orientation" to the long list of protected categories along with race, age, and disabilities discrimination.

In 2013 the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the DOMA (Windsor v. United States) after the president and the Justice Dept. refused to enforce it. The battle then moved to the States where bills were passed by popular vote to protect marriage. Powerful gay activists, many made rich by blossoming tech companies, poured millions into a blistering campaign against these votes. Across the country, homosexual judges or those sympathetic to the cause invalidated the laws put in place by the people, using anti-discrimination and personal privacy arguments.

Now, the drive is to eliminate any tattered remnant of normal marriage and put the bull`s eye squarely on the back of those who follow a biblical God.

Since marriage is the central issue, anyone who refuses to bake a wedding cake or design flowers for a same-sex wedding must be made an example of. And the complaints are lodged and fines imposed and everyone wonders what happened.

But this locomotive has been coming out of the dark tunnel for a long time. Only courageous soul winners can stop it. In past revivals no-nonsense gospel literature has played a vital role. We need to plant God`s truth about marriage far and wide.