Chick Mail Bag Jan-2008

When I was in the 4th grade a classmate and I found your tract This Was Your Life. That tract supernaturally changed my life and opened my eyes to the life of God and how to escape eternal punishment in the hell. For the last 20 years I have preached the gospel full time. Thank you for your faithfulness to Christ.
C.C.D. Springfield, IL

I just wanted to say God bless Jack Chick. I was led to the Lord on your tracts and it was The Broken Cross that led a confused, lost youngster to Jesus. The Next Step has also been a most useful if not a must-have for the new-born in Christ.
K.D. Seminole, OK

I came to the Lord on Saturday, January 27th, 1973 while reading Holy Joe and Demon`s Nightmare. One year later I began training in the ministry. I am still serving after 35 years. God bless.
B.S. E-Mail

I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 12 in Australia. I was reading the tract Bewitched and was so convicted that I needed a Savior, the Savior our Lord Jesus Christ. I made the decision to follow the instruction on the back and never turned from that moment in 1980. The Lord allowed me to come to the U.S. and become a pastor. I am so grateful to the Lord for your ministry.
P.W. E-Mail

I was dismayed one morning to find our brand new mailbox smashed. I was able to reassemble it with glue, but the red flag was missing. I walked the street where I lived hoping to find it. As I passed one home there were several young children in the driveway. I asked if any of them had seen the piece. One boy retrieved it from their tree house and apologized and said he thought it was trash.
The next day I stopped at the house where the boys were and delivered my "Thank you," a small basket with candy, a $10.00 bill, and several Chick Tracts. The boys poured over the Chick Tracts as I drove away praying that the Lord`s Word would have fruit.
Several years later, while I was weeding around that same redwood mailbox, two older teen boys rode past. One of them circled and said "Excuse me, Ma`am do you remember me"? I said, "No, sorry, I don`t." He said, "I`m the one who found your mailbox flag that time? I just wanted you to know that after I read those tracts you gave me I started going to church and I got saved. I asked Jesus to be my Savior."
I told him I was glad to hear it (I was thrilled). You never know what situation the Lord will use to give an opportunity to share the Gospel.

R.R. Palm Bay, FL

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