Attorney 'Got The Message'

This was the third time this attorney was given a tract telling him he was going to hell. But this time was different.

Be Ye Kind

David Daniels gives us an example of how being kind when answering people's questions about Christianity or the Bible is always best, even if they are not Believers.

'But Dad, Which One is God's Word?'

What happens when a pastor reads the Bible, but a child finds his own Bible says something different? The result does not build faith.

Chick Mail Bag


Chick Mail Bag

Mom said "no" but the kids wanted tracts -- Muslims saved through tracts

Chick Mail Bag - July 2000

I did not know I was into an occultic organization (Mormonism) until I read your tract .

Chick Mail Bag - July 2022

On a trip home from Alaska to Idaho, I had a layover in Seattle and had an opportunity to have a conversation with a gentleman about earthquakes and death which led to “spiritual” things...

Chick Mail Bag - March 2001

I was drinking 6 quarts a day and smoking pot. This tract turned me around.

Chick Mail Bag - May 2001

Tracts left on board ship finally got to me.

Chick Mail Bag - November

Testimony from a former Catholic

Chick Mail Bag - Sep-2006

He got saved after a New York limo driver gave him "The Long Trip"

Chick Mail Bag - September 2001

He left a tract with his name on the back in a restaurant in New Mexico, then got a letter from a boy in Alabama saying he got saved. Chick tracts get around.

Chick Mail Bag - September 2007

Family of believers finally sees Catholic Dad come to Christ.

Chick Mail Bag - September 2022

Read testimonies from tract users who tell us how Chick tracts helped them share the gospel.

Chick Mail Bag (Testimonies)

Read two testimonies that were sent to us from Florida and Kentucky.

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2000

Led to Christ by my foster dad.

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2001

"The Next Step" helped me return to Christ and get free from pornography.

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2003

My four-year-old daughter is a very intelligent child, and God met her right where she needed it - in your tract "Somebody Loves Me."

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2004

She was into evil cults and Satan worship until she read "This Was Your Life."

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2005

I'm disabled but Chick tracts gave me a ministry everywhere I go.

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2006

Mary and the saints help him spread the gospel at Catholic hospitals (he puts tracts in the idols' hands).

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2008

"Bewitched" led me to Jesus, and now I'm a pastor.

Chick Mail Bag Jan-2009

When I left the Catholic Church my Mom would not speak to me. This website helped.

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2010

Feeding ministry and Chick tracts just go together.

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2011

Working in Middle East, workers are asking me for my tracts.

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2012

Other Christmas tracts did NOT have a complete gospel message. These do!

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2013

First she was mad, but then so thankful.

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2014

Criminal defense attorney gives Chick tracts to clients and prisoners.

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2015

He poured his booze down the sink.

Chick Mail Bag January/February 2016

Saved with Chick tract, now a pastor.

Chick Mail Bag July 2001

I learned more in one (Chick) comic book that from 7 years in religion class.

Chick Mail Bag July 2002

They got mad when they read "Alberto," then they got saved.

Chick Mail Bag July 2004

He ripped up this tract but died the next day. At least he had a chance!

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2010

Have sent tracts to all states and many countries. I get letters thanking me from those who get saved.

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2011

Indian reads "The Traitor" (for Hindus) and comes to Christ.

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2012

Found tract in trash, got saved.

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2013

Angry prisoner ended up in tears.

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2014

Catholic sister was determined to prove Alberto wrong. But when she studied it, she got saved.

Chick Mail Bag July/August 2015

They beg me for these.

Chick Mail Bag July-2005

My husband got the "All Tract Assortment" and I was saved 3 days later!

Chick Mail Bag July-2006

After reading these two tracts, my wife's mother left the Catholic church in 24 hours.

Chick Mail Bag July-2007

500 tracts in a flood shelter disappeared in 2 hours! Not one thrown away.

Chick Mail Bag July-2008

I ws laying under a truck working on it when a man gave me "The Sissy." I got saved!

Chick Mail Bag Mar-2000

Led to Christ by tract that was thrown on the ground. They NEVER stop working!

Chick Mail Bag March 2002

Airport shuttle bus driver read the tract and accepted Christ!

Chick Mail Bag March 2004

Got saved reading "Holy Joe." I didn't realize being a Christian could be so much fun because of these tracts.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2010

If you are kind of shy, these are the solution.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2011

Soon we had a whole counter full of truckers reading Chick tracts.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2012

When I leave Chick tracts on benches outside the store, everyone is reading them when I come out.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2013

Officer gives his "customers" something to watch in back of patrol car.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2014

My kids look forward to the new ones.

Chick Mail Bag March/April 2015

Great ministry idea in public parks.

Chick Mail Bag March-2003

These tracts do get read. I've given out about a thousand since I was saved.

Chick Mail Bag March-2005

After my young son asked me to read this tract about 25 times in two weeks, he said "I'm in a mess because I'm a liar and I need to fix it." He got saved!

Chick Mail Bag March-2006

Your tracts are turning my 1st and 4th grader kids into soul-winners!

Chick Mail Bag March-2007

Three people read one tract.

Chick Mail Bag March-2008

Found "Hi There" in the trash and got saved. Then he turned away from the Mormon Church.

Chick Mail Bag March-2009

After watching "Light of the World" my young daughter wanted to accept Christ right then.

Chick Mail Bag May 2000

Chick tract helped me get saved. Now I'm a minister.

Chick Mail Bag May 2002

My buddy called, crying. He had just read the tract I gave him, and got saved.

Chick Mail Bag May 2003

Satan stole my joy in Christ and lief to me about the "Great Architect of the Universe." After reading "Good Ol' Boys" I see I have really blown it!

Chick Mail Bag May/June 2011

I was brought up as a Lutheran and was never told about hell. Thank you!

Chick Mail Bag May/June 2012

They found me following my trail of tracts.

Chick Mail Bag May/June 2013

My kids won't read the Bible, but they will read your tracts.

Chick Mail Bag May/June 2014

The guys in the story were so much like me.

Chick Mail Bag May/June 2015

He realized how simple salvation really is.

Chick Mail Bag May/June 2016

Retiree sees hundreds saved in prison.

Chick Mail Bag May-2004

The principle wouldn't let her pass out Chick tracts at school. That's when the other students REALLY wanted them!

Chick Mail Bag May-2005

After watching "Light of the World" her days of worshipping Mary are over.

Chick Mail Bag May-2006

Bank teller always asks "Do you have any Chick tracts?" She confessed, "We fight over them!"

Chick Mail Bag May-2007

Teenage girl got saved after reading all the tracts in Chick Assortment Pack.

Chick Mail Bag May-2008

When I read that Mohammed was not sent by God to be a prophet, I gave my life to Jesus!

Chick Mail Bag May-2009

"Tiny Shoes" made me cry.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2000

Her priest told her to STAY AWAY but this tract helped us lead her to Christ.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2001

He found "The Beast" lying on the sidewalk while walking to the liquor store. He sat right down and read it.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2002

I found these tracts in the laundromat and got saved.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2004

In the last two months two members of his platoon came to Christ after reading these tracts.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2005

"Thank you so much for your book and the tracts. After knowing the truth I tore up my paintings of the Virgin Mary."

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2007

He would read the tracts then put them back so no one knew. But finally he got saved.

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2008

Quick . . . I need this for an unsaved mother in my neighborhood!

Chick Mail Bag Nov-2009

Thank you for this tract, and for supporting the King James Bible.

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2010

Comic books help grandfather get saved just before he died.

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2011

Teacher leaves Chick tracts on desk for students to "borrow." When one died, his Mom thanked me because her son found Christ.

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2012

He tore up tract, then later put the pieces together and got saved!

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2013

These tracts put the fear of God in me.

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2014

First they helped me, and now my daughter!

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2015

Mailman thanked me.

Chick Mail Bag November/December 2016

"Last Rites" led me out of Catholic Church.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2000

A tract I left in a sandwich shop helped bring a suicidal worker to Christ.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2002

Our whole Catholic family got saved because of your literature.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2004

My mental picture of judgment day is that pictured in "This Was Your Life." I never forgot that tract.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2005

72-year-old planned to murder his daughter, until he read this Chick tract.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2008

Catholic grandmother comes to Christ after her grandkids hid tracts all over her home for her to find.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2009

Someone just left this tract laying around at a gas station, and he got saved!

Chick Mail Bag September/October 2010

I grew up reading these and they really helped me.

Chick Mail Bag September/October 2011

I love how you used the 10 commandments to show people what sin is.

Chick Mail Bag September/October 2013

"I love the cartoon touch without compromising God's Word"

Chick Mail Bag September/October 2014

Sidewalk ministry - 90% of time people take the tracts.

Chick Mail Bag September/October 2015

This tract "scared me to life". Love 'em!

Chick Mailbag

Customer writes, 'I have been handing Chick Tracts out for many years now and I have used your ideas throughout many situations and what great responses.'

Homosexual 'Marriage' Spreading

This week, Spain's parliament voted to join the Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada in making "gay" marriage legal.

How We Reached Our In-Laws for Christ

Our in-laws were coming! We placed tracts and comics all around the house, and one night they accepted Christ.

I Learned What To Do About Halloween

Boy is in church because of tract in his Halloween bag.

My Life of Gangs and Drugs is Over

"Back From The Dead" ended my life of gangs and drugs.

My Teacher Got Saved - Became A Pastor

"Who put this tract there!" Next week he got saved and thanked us.

Over 55,000 Christians Martyred Each Year

Believers in India, Indonesia and Pakistan are at the greatest risk.