Chick Mail Bag March-2005

My 8 year-old daughter, Katie shared the tract Best Friend with her friend Rebecca. Rebecca got saved after reading it, and we're hoping to get her to come to church.
T J, E-Mail

My 4-year old son wanted the Kidnapped tract read to him over and over. After having heard it for about two weeks and about 25 times, he said, "I'm in a mess because I'm a liar and I need to fix it." He got saved! He could understand salvation through that tract.
C.M.,Calif City, CA

I am writing to inform you that I am one of the countless multitudes around the globe who has had his life dramatically transformed through coming into contact with your soul winning gospel tracts. It was the Hi There! tract which awakened me to the truth of the gospel and the awful punishment awaiting one in eternity, who rejects Christ. A few hours after reading it, having acknowledged my lost condition I was broken down before God and in simple faith, received Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
P R, Hampshire, England

I almost burned the comic book that I received from a man on the street. But when I read your comic book it was like a revelation. I realized that the way to spread the Word to our children is to present it in terms they understand. The comic book that you people produce is among the highest quality artwork I have ever seen. It is clear, easy to read, and above all, it has a message that we all need to hear.
LM, Jamaica Plain, MA

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