Chick Mail Bag March-2008

I will always feel a connection to your ministry, because of the great part your gospel tracts played in my salvation. I can still remember turning to the back page of Demon`s Nightmare and recording my date of conversion, just like it was yesterday. This January 23rd will mark my 35th year born again. Praise God for his faithfulness!
B.T.S. - E-mail

I would like to personally thank him (Jack Chick) for all his tracts. I think I have read them all. I have given away hundreds on the oil platforms in the North Sea where I work as a pipeline welder/missionary. Lots of people have read them out there and asked me for more.
B.F. - Scotland

Thank you for your tracts. I got saved in jail June 18, 2007. When I got out I went and joined the local Baptist Church. One of the first members to welcome me gave me a Chick tract. I read it and agreed it could be a very useful witnessing tool. I ordered Bad Bob, Party Girl, Gun Slinger and Busted. I figured these titles would speak to the hearts of lost people I was formerly running around sinning with. When I received them I was amazed! These tracts speak the language that can be understood by crack-heads, wild women and criminals of all sorts.
R.H. - Shelby, NC

I found Hi There in a pile of trash in a construction site I was working at as a security guard. I read it. Then began to read the Bible. I rejected the Mormon Church and asked the Real Jesus Christ into my heart.
C.K. - Boron,CA

Thank you Mr. Chick for writing the tract Unforgiven. I had a family member convert over to Islam several years ago and ended up hanging himself in jail. I am a black missionary Baptist pastor and Chief Counselor at one of Georgia`s many prisons. I see this spiritual deception on a first hand basis. Thank you for the black character tracts and especially the Masonry tracts. I wrote and asked you years ago to make the first one. I am not popular especially in the black Baptist Church but I speak and teach my congregation about Masonry.
O.W. - Carrollton, GA