Chick Mail Bag - May 2001

I was first introduced to Chick tracts while on a naval ship for six months. A faithful soul kept leaving them around the ship. Before long our compartment had a stock of different titles which were kept on the table. Being at sea the men, including myself, used to read them over and over again. I made a weak commitment to the Lord but left for the world. Years later when working at a factory I ran into your tracts again. I felt the call of God and have been with Jesus ever since. I now use Chick comics to reach the lost.

Every other day I would find a tract laying on the seat or on the floor of the bus I rode. I used to think that good works would get me to heaven. I also used to be a Muslim at the ages of 8-11. I always felt that something was wrong because nothing seemed right in Islam. I started reading your tracts and something moved me. I and my husband got saved. I am no longer confused about my life and now I understand the true meaning of it.
T. B., Texas

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