Chick Mail Bag May-2004

I was just saved today ! Someone gave me 2 books, Stairway To Hell and How To Get Rich. I read them and decided to come to Jesus while there was still time, before its too late. God bless you for your good books.
D.G., Dayton, OH

Jesus saved my life about 2 1/2 years ago. I can never repay Him for what he has done for me. I was given a This Was Your Life tract and that led me to the Lord. I had seen your tracts a few times when I was a child and can testify to the validity of them in helping getting people interested and saved.
L.G., San Diego CA

There are 5 people that have received the Lord since September. A missionary goes with us sometimes to hand out tracts and one Sunday afternoon he handed a tract to this 38 year old man. The man read the Chick tract and mailed it back to us saying he got saved and wanted to study the Bible Course.
Missionary to Taiwan

My daughter, who is in the fourth grade in public school, was very excited, and wanted to share tracts with kids at school. I cautioned her that there might be trouble. There was. The principal said she couldn't give them out on the school grounds. I contacted the School District Office and had a discussion with the Superintendent. In the mean time, my daughter's classmates became aware that there was some controversy, and they really wanted to get their hands on those tracts! If something is forbidden it becomes all the more appealing. We prayed about the situation in my Bible study. The very next day, the principal called to tell me that the District Office checked with their legal counsel, and my daughter could pass the tracts out at school, so long as she did it during recess.
C.M., San Jose, CA

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