Chick Mail Bag July 2002

Chick tracts were instrumental in my wife, a Spanish national, receiving Christ about 14 years ago. Today we are missionaries here in Spain and have seen the effectiveness of your tracts.
K.A., Madrid, Spain

Thank you for making witnessing easier and yet more powerful. I work in a warehouse in England meeting many truck drivers daily. The tracts have a powerful impact on these precious people. They hardly ever get rejected and have brought a great blessing to many. Thanks again for this vital front-line ministry.
C.R., United Kingdom

Many years ago the Somebody Loves Me tract helped me to find Jesus.
L. P., Fayetteville, TN

My wife and I were both Roman Catholics our entire lives. A Christian friend gave us a copy of Alberto. I got so mad because this magazine told all those lies. Then I started researching the things it said and I found them to be true! What a shock to my wife and I. We both starting reading the Bible to find out more and by God's grace we were both saved and gave our lives to the Lord. We both want to thank you for leading us to the Lord. We came out of Babylon. Praise the Lord!
T. M., Rome, NY

I accepted Christ at the age of 22. When I was about 9 or 10, however, I was given a copy of This Was Your Life! I remember the message and believe it was a "seed" to later bring me to Christ! Thank you!
R.V., Kewanee, IN

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