Chick Mail Bag Sep-2004

Chick tracts made such a lasting impression on me that to this very day my mental picture of judgment day is that pictured in This Was Your Life! I never forgot that tract. I'm 31 now and praise God have returned to the Lord 1 1/2 years now. It is so good to see tracts that I am familiar with like: Holy Joe, One Way, This Was Your Life, The Assignment, A Demon's Nightmare and Somebody Loves Me. I enjoy leaving Chick tracts places I go and especially sending them in letters. They are great and have a powerful witnessing tool. Like I said, they left impressions on me that I remember 23 years later. Praise God for Chick tracts.
K.L., Duncan, AZ

In 1975 while on a naval ship for six months I was first introduced to Chick tracts. A faithful soul kept leaving them around the ship. Before long our compartment had a stock of different titles which were kept on the table. Being at sea the men including myself used to read them over and over again. I made a weak commitment to the Lord but left for the world. When working at a factory in the early 80's again I ran into your tracts. I felt the call of God and have been with Jesus ever since. I now use Chick comics to reach the lost.
H., Internet

One day, many years ago, in high school, a girl in my geometry class handed me a copy of This Was Your Life. Although I was already saved, by only a few weeks, my life would be different from this point on. The Lord used This Was Your Life to ask me a question, "What are you doing with your life?" Over a period of months and years I was led to believe the Lord wanted me to go to Bible school to become a better Christian and learn about the Bible.
G.M., Crown Point, IN

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