Chick Mail Bag Nov-2002

It was in a laundromat that I first discovered Chick tracts. Someone would leave a new stack of tract titles week after week. It was That Old Devil which caused me to seriously rethink my Roman Catholic beliefs and give serious thought to the eternal destiny of my soul. That tract explained that it is the Devil's lie that God weighs my good deeds against my bad. It clearly conveyed that my salvation was bought and paid for by Jesus' death on the cross which eliminates my having to try and earn heaven through sacraments and good works.
L.T., Orlando, FL

I'm an infantry soldier and once while in training in a desert-like area in Southern California, my company was assigned an area to defend. My partner and I were given orders to dig a foxhole and right in our little area was this Crusader comic entitled Chaos. Well, while I dug, he read, and while I read, he dug. That comic really "struck home" some revealing truths. It was a miracle, a comic out there in the middle of nowhere, it was a definite stepping stone in my journey to Jesus. Thank you for caring.

I appreciate your tracts. I came to know the Lord over four years ago because of Chick tracts and the work of the Holy Spirit. Since then I've handed out hundreds of them.
C.A., Fort Worth, TX

Thank you for the tract This Was Your Life, it saved my soul. I am a former satanist, brought up a Catholic and my dad is a Shriner. Your publications gave me the hard facts I needed. Thank you again and please pray for us.