Chick Mail Bag November/December 2010

I put Chick tracts in 4 X 6 self-sealing bags and then place them on car windshields under the wipers when I go to the store. The bags keep the tracts from getting wet if it`s wet outside
K.H., E-mail

You will be glad to know that a family of 4 came to our services because one of our soul winners handed them Esta Fue Tu Vida. Man-oh-man, that tract is something!! I was saved shortly after someone gave it to me over 35 years ago.
C. A., E-mail

I read the Chick tract Big Daddy in high school. Someone had left it in the library. It did unsettle me and I prayed the prayer, but didn`t want to give myself to the Lord, and I still believed in evolution. But when I finally got saved for certain about five years later, the Lord brought that tract back to mind and it finally made total sense. And ironically, I now run a creation science ministry. God does have a sense of humor.

I gave the Alberto comic series to my grandfather a year before he died. He had been a 3rd degree Mason and banker all his life. I know that giving him that comic series helped him get salvation on his death bed.
T.B., NV