Chick Mail Bag September/October 2011

I recently ordered the new tract, You Have A Date. It is awesome!!! I love how you used the 10 commandments to show them what sin is. Often in the modern gospel tracts sin is just vaguely mentioned, with no reference to its definition. Thanks for using the law to bring the knowledge of sin! God Bless you!
D.E., Facebook Post

I love the Mean Momma tract!!!! Awesome...
C.M., Facebook Post

Outreach went well. Chick`s slogan, "Chick Tracts Get Read" is true. I watched those who got tracts read them from front to back as they walked away from our table.
F.Q., Facebook Post

I invested in the Alberto and Crusader Comics. It was one of the best collections of novelty reading material with a solid gospel message that I ever could have purchased!! The colorful illustrations are not only beautiful, but very captivating!!
D.A., Facebook Post

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