Chick Publications Launches New Series of Children's Tracts

What is the next generation going to be like? Christian Researcher George Barna says look at today's children. His studies reveal that what they learn before becoming a teenager is generally what they will believe the rest of their life.

In today's culture, these children are less and less likely to learn biblical truths and moral standards. A generation ago, the culture was supportive of good parenting. Today, most sources of influence are designed to destroy good character.

In the home they are exposed to thousands of hours of TV by the time they become teens. They are hardened to suffering by brutal scenes of murder, rape, sex and other violence. On the shows, fathers are ridiculed, Christians are mocked, politeness and civility are scoffed at, etc. If they go to the movies, they encounter the same or worse.

Thirty-three percent of them grow up in single parent homes, not knowing what a stable, two-parent family looks like.

At school they learn that:

  • Homosexual behavior is just another life style
  • They are just an accident of evolution
  • All religions worship the same god
  • Socialism is the ideal form of government
  • Life is all about how one esteems oneself

They are fed books that glorify sorcery, revise history, ignore God's place in creation and moral standards.

How do we counter these influences? Jack Chick is developing a series of children's tracts built around the Li'l Susy character. They will teach simple understandings of issues that this generation of children are having to deal with at an increasingly young age.

Susy will explain in simple terms the important biblical teachings about issues that children have to deal with every day.

The first title in this series is now available. It lays the foundation for the rest of the subjects by dealing with the basic gospel, explained in very simple terms. Later titles will explain God's view on other subjects such as evolution, Islam, witchcraft, homosexuality, etc.

It is sad that children this young have to be taught some of these subjects but they are getting exposed to them in school and the media. This first title in the series can be ordered from Chick Publications or viewed on the website at Li'l Susy

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