Chick Publications Launches New Series of Children's Tracts

What is the next generation going to be like? Christian Researcher George Barna says look at today's children.

I Caught Netflix Trying to Groom My Kids

The popular kids show CoComelon, in their new Netflix series, shows a boy dancing for his gay dads in a tutu and tiara.

It Pays to Read Chick Tracts to Children

David Wylie found himself about as alone as you can get. He was without a family and his mom was in jail.

Leaders Urge Abandoning Public Schools

For most of recorded history, godly parents have had to fight the culture to raise godly children.

Pollster Finds Only 7 Percent of U.S. Adults are Bible Believers.

The recent legalization of homosexual sin appears to be only the tip of the iceberg.

Study Proves Heavy TV Diet Breeds Violence.

Solid evidence has recently been published indicating that a heavy diet of TV by children results in a huge increase in violent behavior.