Tract Passing Tips - September 2005

I carry The Wall tract and when I spot someone with NASCAR related clothing (hat, shirt, etc.), I give them a tract. I wear NASCAR labeled clothing myself.
H.M. - email

I just ordered 1,000 One Way! and the book The Secret History of the Jesuits. I have a very interesting way of tract passing. I set up a very large (80 ft refractor-telescope) on a popular lookout mountain in Paterson, New Jersey. The view of the North Jersey as well as Manhattan skyline is impressive! People just can't resist the uncommon size of my scope. I always hand a One Way! after they look through. They gladly accept. It is not rare to hand out 25 an hour. My mother was born in Paris in 1924 and understood the war years. She told of some things in The Secret History of the Jesuits that she heard first hand during WWII.
L.P. - NJ

If you have found a way or many ways to give a tract to someone, that is comfortable to you, share it with us. We would like to pass on your ideas to other soulwinners. Send your ideas to us at:

       Wanted: Your Tract Passing Tips
       c/o Chick Publications
       P. O. Box 3500
       Ontario, CA. 91761-1019

We will publish as many as we can in future issues of Battle Cry.

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