Father Arrested Over Pro-Homosexual School Book

A persistent father was recently arrested in Massachusetts after insisting that he be notified when his kindergartner was going to be presented with teaching on homosexuality.

A Return to Our Christian Roots?

What does that mean? It means a time when kings lived in fear of the pope.

'Dump Girl' Receives Milk and Chick Tract

David Slone is a youth pastor who has a ministry to kids who live on the streets and in the city dumps of Brazil.

Halloween: The Best Witnessing Opportunity of the Year

Over the years, thousands of families have turned Halloween into a powerful witnessing opportunity.

Europe Beginning to Awake to Islamic Threat

The London subway bombings and assassination of Van Gogh in Holland are beginning to awaken Europe to the huge Muslim problem there.

A Message From Jack Chick

The pressure to drop the part of "Light of the World" that insisted there was only one way to God came from the most unexpected places.

Chick Mail Bag Sep-2005

72-year-old planned to murder his daughter, until he read this Chick tract.

Prison Ministry Letters: Sep-2005

I'm locked up with AIDS, but now I have hope in Jesus.

You Want Me to Take You Seriously?

Today, pastors are pressured to change their churches in order to grow. If they want to attract the multitudes, they must change the music, the seats, the sermon ... and of course, the Bible they use.

Missionary Finds Swahili Tract Very Effective in Africa

Missionary Jim Honeycutt reports that the Swahili version of the tract One Way! is very effective in communicating the simplicity of the gospel during crusades in Africa.

Tract Passing Tips - September 2005

NASCAR events, telescope viewers

Witnessing Book Continues to Inspire Soul Winners

Inspiring parents and kids to keep winning souls even when school's back in session!

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