Chick Tracts Reach Catholics in Goa, India

The Chick Missions Fund is able to provide more and more tracts to missionaries as you provide the funds. Here is an unlikely but obviously fruitful project. India is not known for its Roman Catholic population, yet Missionary Lordson Roch used Why is Mary Crying? very effectively there.

His email and pictures on this page explain the fruit of his efforts.

Dear Brother,

I trust my email will find you in great health. We are all doing so well spiritually and physically.

Why Is Mary Crying? tract is attracting people`s attention. We have had several inquiry phone calls and already 15 have visited our church and 5 are saved now by the grace of God after reading Why Is Mary Crying?

We are all in full swing in soul winning these days. Yes, we have had much opposition due to these tracts but God has blessed this tract to get souls saved. We are all excited to see what the Lord is doing in our midst and in our Goa.

This Sunday, I had 15 Roman Catholics arguing with me in the street as I was witnessing to them.  Many got  upset at me and my team but eight of them went home convicted, their countenance showed they were pricked in their hearts!

We have already passed out 7000 Why Is Mary Crying? tracts and now we have 3000 left with us.

We want to thank you for all  prayers, encouragements and supports we have received from Chick Publication.  Can`t thank you enough! We are all praying for you all. I thought these photos will tell the rest of the story!

The Lord Continue to bless you and yours.

Fellow Servant


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