10 Million Souls on Our Doorstep; Do We Care?

Many churches, particularly in the southern part of the United States, have long had a burden for the ready-made mission field that comes across our southern border. But now the flood is almost overwhelming in that area and the entire country has been opened to that soulwinning opportunity

240,000 Gospel 'Seeds' Planted in Zimbabwe: Harvest Ripe

Chick tracts and gospel film help lead thousands to Christ in Zimbabwe.

A Message From Jack Chick - November/December

Thousands of people are immigrating to the U.S. What a great opportunity to tell them about Jesus!

A Surprise Ending!

One of the biggest surprises I have had was at the end of a church service where I had given my testimony.

Ancient Chick Tract Still Doing Its Job

A Chick distributor in Brazil shares the story of a tract that keeps on ticking.

Catholic Hispanics Finding 'Something Better' in the Gospel

Nearly 20 percent of Hispanics nationwide have converted to evangelical Christianity in the last 10 years.

Chick Missions Fund Helps Send 240,000 Tracts to Zimbabwe

Not satisfied with just reaching their communities, many Chick customers are sacrificing to reach out to the world.

Chick Tracts a Core Tool In Church Planting

Missionary Jerry Alford tells how he plants churches in Venezuela using Chick tracts.

Chick Tracts in Foreign Languages Very Popular with Missionaries

Update on 2009 missionary projects with Chick tracts.

Chick Tracts Reach Catholics in Goa, India

Chick tracts you provided through the Mission Fund are reaching many for Christ in India.

Foreign Language Tracts: A Whole New Joy!

Immigration has brought the mission field to us. A prison chaplain writes, 'I can't believe how much joy I get out of these foreign tracts.'

From Hideous Temples to Jungle Villages: Tracts Work for Thailand Missionaries

Follow Pat and Windy Caspary through the jungles of Thailand.

Immigration: Soul Winner's Opportunity

With the mission field coming to our doorsteps, now is the perfect opportunity to spread the gospel... in any language!

Is There a Foreign Mission Field Near You?

One soul winner in Australia uses Chick foreign language tracts in a unique way.

Missionaries Say, 'Pass the Ammo!'

It's not possible for most of us to go to the mission field but there is a way we can multiply the success of those who do go.

Missionaries using tracts supplied by Amazing Gospel Tract Fellowship

Caspary has spent 17 years in Southeast Asia establishing churches and teaching local pastors how to evangelize.

Missionary Finds Swahili Tract Very Effective in Africa

Missionary Jim Honeycutt reports that the Swahili version of the tract One Way! is very effective in communicating the simplicity of the gospel during crusades in Africa.

Missionary Sowing Gospel of Peace in Hurting City

A missionary shares his exciting stories from Juarez, Mexico.

Myanmar Church Energized by Gospel Tracts

This report from Myanmar proves that gospel tracts can energize evangelism in churches regardless of geography.

Protestants Gaining Millions in Africa and Latin America - Vatican Worried

Bishops at a recent synod in the Vatican were lamenting the inroads of Protestantism in Latin America and Africa.

Short Term Missions Trip? Don't Forget Tracts

In the last 50 years, short term missions trips have grown from a few each year to over 1 million Americans traveling abroad every year.

Sixty-Seven Million Foreign Speakers in the US Need the Gospel in Their Language

The United States Census Bureau recently reported that there are approximately 67.8 million people in the US that speak a language other than English at home. This works out to about one person in five who prefers a language different than English. Although America has always been a melting pot, the number of people moving here from foreign countries dropped steadily during the 20th century to somewhat less than 5%. However, that began to change around 1970, building back up to the present heavy mix of foreign speakers.

Soul Winning Video Going Into More Languages

Soul-Winning Video in More New Languages

The Chick Publications soul winning video, Light of the World, continues expanding into more languages.

Swahili ONE WAY! Tract Boosts Youth Outreach in Tanzania

The following story is an excerpt from an email from Bob and Esther Jeffers, missionaries to Tanzania.

Tagalog? No Problem!

Have foreign immigrants come to your city? Here's a way to be ready for them!

This Foreign Missionary Works in Downtown Toronto

Jim lives in Toronto, Canada and has made a specialty of distributing foreign language tracts.

Tract Passing Tips

Tract Pointed Him to Christ; Now He's Sowing Gospel Seed in Zambia

Missionary to Zambia comes across an 'old friend' on the mission field.

Tracts Inspire Young Man to Return to His Village With the Gospel

"I have never met a more superstitious, fear-dominated people," writes Bert Craft, missionary in Oaxaca, Mexico.

Veteran Tract Passers: Mexico is Ripe for the Gospel

"Roman Catholics are really open to the truth about their religion," concluded Tim Berends and Mike Cahill after an outreach to Mexico City.

What a Difference One Tract Can Make

Chick Publications receives a continuous stream of reports from missionaries and soul winners using Chick foreign language tracts in other countries.

Zambia Trade Fair Seeded with the Gospel

This missionary couple discovered a local trade fair and tracts were the perfect recipe to spread the Gospel with fantastic results.