Do You Know This Organization?

What would you call an organization that teaches that:

  • There is more than one way to God,
  • Any way to God is okay
  • How to understand or interpret God is up to the individual
  • Any name for God is okay, as long as you don`t preach it
  • Lucifer is the main god (only revealed to the highest level members)
  • A Christian (and everyone else) is in darkness and needs to seek light through that organization

And that:

  • Uses secret symbols and rituals based on ancient pagan "mysteries," including Osiris, Mithras and Attis
  • Provides fellowship with non-Christians but discourages witnessing to them
  • Steals time away from family and church
  • Opens the door to the occult and demon possession


There is an organization that does all these things: it`s called "Masonry!"
At the heart of Masonry is the unbiblical idea that all religions worship the same god. Masons call him "The Great Architect of the Universe," a catch-all god that anyone can worship. Christians who are also Masons believe that this allows lodge members to fellowship with everyone, regardless of their beliefs.

But the scripture says not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. If a Christian takes the great commission seriously, he cannot be comfortable in an organization that forbids witnessing to unbelievers.

Satan is doing his best to bring about the one world religion that is spoken of in Revelation 17. He is using many mechanisms. The pope is claiming that Jews, Christians and Muslims all worship the same god.

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary goddess are appearing more frequently to members of all religions. She is posing as the female goddess common to all religions.

Bible versions are moving toward a text that will be acceptable by all religions. Christianity Today Magazine claims that there are 3.5 million churches worldwide. But only 7 percent of them are "evangelistic." Hopefully, these are "soul winners" whose main focus would be the great commission.

All the rest are caught up in some form of ecumenism. One recent meeting included leaders from 34 church groups in the U.S. They formed a new organization whose mission was to "strengthen our Christian witness in the world." But the first item on their agenda was to fight poverty, not soul winning.

Soul winning is directly opposed to ecumenism. Jesus was not ecumenical. Part of the modern ecumenical teaching is that the Jews have another way to God. Jesus did not agree with that. He said that everyone had to come to the Father through Him (John 14:6). He told the Jews who rejected Him that they could not escape the "damnation of hell." (See Matt. 23)

One United Methodist pastor/professor in California summed it up: "I...feel comfortable, that my way is the right way to God for me. When we get to the place where I can sit here with a rabbi and an imam (Muslim) and a Buddhist and all of us can start by saying 'My way is the right way to God for me,` my faith is stronger because of that."

Jesus did not leave room for us to choose "the right way to God for me." He said, "I am the way..." We either believe that and obey the great commission or descend into ecumenical mush.

Masonry is just another form of ecumenism. Each Lodge member is left to find the right way to God —for him. This cancels any opportunity for soul winning. The new tract, The Unwelcome Guest, illustrates the subtle trap of the Lodge. It requires an oath that denies Jesus. It sucks away a man`s focus on his family and church responsibilities. It opens the door to the demonic. And it closes the door to effective soul winning.