Don't Forget Tracts This Season

Over the years, Chick Publications customers have found many creative ways to use Chick tracts. At Halloween, thousands of people drop tracts in the trick-or-treat bags of the children who come to their door. Christmas also presents special opportunities. What store clerk can refuse a tract when presented with the statement: "Here is your Christmas card from me."

It usually does not cost any more postage to include a tract with the Christmas cards you send out. Even if they go to a family member or friend who is already a believer, the message will encourage them in the Lord and they can hand it on to someone else. If it goes to an unbeliever, what better Christmas present than an opportunity to obtain eternal life?

Christmas shopping puts us in contact with lots of people in stores, malls and parking lots. Few will refuse a copy of Greatest Story Ever Told, if it is presented with a smile and a cheery "Merry Christmas." This, of course, is the favorite tract to use at Christmas, but another title is The Present, given out with: "Merry Christmas—here is a present for you."

Money is much on the minds of Christmas shoppers and the tract, How To Get Rich (And Keep It) usually gets attention. Humbug is another tract that is designed for Christmas use. In it, Scrooge gets saved, showing the reader how he also can have eternal life. Other popular tracts can be used such as A Love Story, The Only Hope, Creator or Liar and more.

Most churches have extra activities at Christmas time where Chick tracts can be used. If you are having a cantata or children`s program, it is vital that they have something in their hand to take home —something that will remind them of the gospel message that they have just heard. A tract can provide that take-home gospel message. Slip The Greatest Story into the bulletin or program leaflet. If your church prepares food baskets for the elderly or homeless, include a tract.

If your town has a Christmas parade, your church members can enter a float and pass out tracts to the crowds. If no float, then church members can still reach the thousands of spectators by passing through the crowds handing out tracts. Often, there are other Christmas events in your community where crowds gather. Church members can stand at the entrance and exits and hand a tract to those coming or going.

Books and sets of tracts make good Christmas gifts by themselves, or inserted in other gifts, for friends and family. For young children, there are several titles such as Best Friend, Li'l Susy, Charlie`s Ants and There Go the Dinosaurs, that are written for them. Parents tell us that their children spend hours reading and rereading the tracts and afterwards have a solid understanding of the gospel. They also provide an inoculation against the deceptions of the cults.

Books like The Next Step, Vanishng Proofs of Evolution, and One Heartbeat Away make good presents for teens. The All Tract Assortment containing all 100 of the English (or Spanish) tracts is a inexpensive gift that will keep your teenager (and adults) absorbed for hours in solid, practical biblical teaching. We receive many testimonies of adults who read a Chick tract as a child and could never get away from its message; sometimes years later surrendering their life to Jesus.

Lots of people know that Christmas has something to do with some little baby named Jesus. We can put tracts in their hands that will tell them that He is alive and wants them to be with Him in heaven. The emotional climate at Christmas is one of the easiest times of the year to give someone a tract. Don`t let them down.

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