Evangelist Remembers High School Tract 'Coupon'

"One of the greatest tools in my spiritual arsenal is Chick tracts," writes Evangelist Richard Lee.

He uses them as part of his church crusades as well as personal ministry.

He remembers one method he used years ago as a student in high school:

"Our school newspaper sold ads for various products and services, and did not restrict what could be advertised. I knew that this would be a great witnessing opportunity!

"I placed an ad in the shape of a coupon, and it included my photograph. It stated that I would give a 'free gift' to anyone who redeemed the coupon. All the students would have to do was clip out the ad, recognize me from the picture, and 'redeem' it when they handed it to me. The 'free gift' was... you guessed it, Chick tracts.

"The cafeteria during the lunch hour was filled with students reading Chick tracts. They were all getting the gospel, all without a sermon or church service.

"Most significant was the fact that I was witnessing to fellow students without being disruptive or violating the laws. As a student, I had no restrictions on what I could say or what literature I chose to give away.

"I praise God for Chick's faithfulness in providing to Bible believers one of the most powerful witnessing tools ever made!"

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