"Gomez" Tract Worked For Mr. Gomez

Another inmate slipped a tract in Gomez' cell, then waited for a violent reaction. They never expected what happened!

...“hardly ANYBODY turns me down!”

Evangelist Tim Berends tells how most people gladly accept the tract 'Plagues' during this time of global pandemic.

‘Tract Ministry Radically Changed Me’

A brother in Christ from California shares how he was initially concerned that people would react in hostility to receiving tracts. What shocked him was that people would often respond with gratitude, making way for a witnessing opportunity!

“I'm forever grateful for that little tract…”

Singer and musician, Kathleen Carnali, tells how the Chick tract, 'This Was Your Life' she received as a teenager in Massachusetts was instrumental in her salvation.

“Java Jack” Tells How Chick Tracts Changed His Life

In the following letter, “Java Jack” tells us how God used Chick tracts to grab his attention, and later for him to use to witness to all his customers.

A Burning Desire for Lost Souls Led to Saturation Mission

Greg Watford shares some great success stories of saturation with Chick tracts in Louisiana.

Ancient Chick Tract Still Doing Its Job

A Chick distributor in Brazil shares the story of a tract that keeps on ticking.

Are We Losing the Next Generation?

When we are drawn to the things of this world we lose our focus as to why we are really here.

Bus Ministries Love Chick Tracts

Churches that have developed bus ministries have found Chick tracts useful in several ways.

'Can You Get Us Some More?'

Missionaries world-wide find that Chick tracts make a huge difference in their ministries. They want more!

Chick Mail Bag: Jan-2017

Thanks to the hitchhiker who gave me that tract!

Chick Tracts: How To Save

Not everyone is familiar with how to save when ordering tracts. Here are some ideas to help you get the most amount of gospel to give out with the funds you have available.

Church at the Crossroads of the World

Pastor Brian Kelly began several years ago with a simple table of Chick Tracts set up in a subway of New York City. There he learned that people do read Chick Tracts. Kelly says that New York City is a pressure place and most people passing by appear stressed. But he likes to watch when someone opens a Chick tract for the first time.

Does Your Church Know Tracts Work?

Did you get saved by reading a Chick Tract? Thousands of people have written to Chick Publications over the years saying that they did.

Evangelist Remembers High School Tract 'Coupon'

"One of the greatest tools in my spiritual arsenal is Chick tracts," writes Evangelist Richard Lee.

Facts About Tracts

Little-known facts may surprise you about how God has used tracts in history.

Give It to Them Anyway

When you go handing out Chick tracts, don't try to figure out whether they're saved or unsaved or backslidden. Give them the tract anyway.

God Sees The Seed We Plant

You never know where your Chick tracts may end up. Sometimes the results are surprising!

Gospel Tracts: A Long and Famous History

Read what several champions of the gospel in the past 300+ years said about gospel tracts. There's one common theme: tracts are a vital part of effective evangelism!

Halloween Success Stories

Read testimonies from Christians who are rejoicing over the opportunity that Halloween provided this and every year.

'Holy Roller' Makes Ministry Easy

A converted trailer became the center of his community outreach.

How One Tract Brightened a Family’s Dark Day

Greg Watford has a very effective ministry on the streets of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His story was featured in the January/February 2023 issue of BATTLE CRY. He saw many lounging at the city bus stops killing time before their next ride. Looking for a way to get the gospel in front of more people, he approached them with a handful of tracts, and found them very receptive.

How One Tract Made the Difference

Joshua didn’t know it at first, but God heard his prayers for his grandmother and used a Chick tract to bring her to salvation.

I Wanted Them To Have The Same Joy

Chad Bernik tells how Chick tracts helped shape his life.

I’m Forever Grateful for that Little Tract

Singer and musician, Kathleen Carnali, tells how the Chick tract, 'This Was Your Life' that she received as a teenager in Massachusetts was instrumental in her salvation.

If We Plant the Seed, God Will Give The Increase

Some claim that Gospel tracts are a waste of time. These people, who found a tract while near to suicide, beg to differ!

It Pays to Advertise

Successful companies have learned that the most effective form of advertising is the personal testimony about the product...What's the correlation?

Malawi Church Started With A Chick Tract

Missionary Rai Paparatti describes how Chick tracts helped him start a small church in Malawi.

Merchant Display Ministry Tops 50,000 Tracts

Fifty Thousand tracts later, Dale Detro is still excited about his mission to Putnam County, Indiana.

Missionary Sowing Gospel of Peace in Hurting City

A missionary shares his exciting stories from Juarez, Mexico.

ONE BILLION Chick Tracts

A miracle happened sometime during 2021: we sold our billionth tract!

One Man Tells How He Met the Mission Field Coming to Us… with Chick Tracts!


People Actually Thank Me When I Witness To Them!

It's all in how you do it. Chick tracts make witnessing easy, and people love to read them.

Popular Website Tract Reintroduced

Thousands of people read this message on the Chick website weekly. Now it is available once more in print.

Researcher Finds ‘Catastrophic Decline’ in Christians’ Worldview

When Christian researcher George Barna discovered that only 6% of the American population had a truly Biblical worldview, it was disturbing enough. Now he has gone one step further and evaluated the worldview of America’s Christians. See what he found out!

Should We Still Give Out Tracts?

Some leaders claim passing out tracts is a waste of time. But they are forgetting something.

Sociologist Develops Gospel Saturation Plan

His little "experiment" proves that the distribution of no-nonsense gospel tracts can change a community.

Testimonies Show Tracts Work!

Many people describe how a Chick tract led to their salvation.

The Best Retirement 'Investment'

This couple found a way to make their "Golden Years" productive for eternity.

They Just Need Jesus

When the guidelines of Biblical morals and punishment are abandoned in our societies, all we're left with is lawlessness.

Today The World is Full of ‘Drifters’

The dictionary says that a drifter is someone who wanders or moves about aimlessly, without a specific purpose or direction. This accurately describes a lot of people who have left the church.

Tract Disturbed Him Enough to Go Buy a Bible

When Paul Karmin set out hitchhiking to see the world in the spring of 1977, he had no idea he would find heaven, instead.

Tracts Help Missionaries from Jamaica to India

Tens of thousands of children hear the gospel because you gave to the Chick Mission Fund.

Vietcong Were Closing In. He Was Trapped . . .

The Vietcong were closing in. He was trapped and thought he was about to die. In desperation, he cried out to God. Then it happened...

When Vicky Googled "Café Near Me"

Chick tracts help café owner share the gospel in India.