Evolution's Big Lie Looking More Absurd

When Neil Armstrong guided the lunar lander down toward the surface of the moon in 1970 he had many concerns.  One of those was Cosmologist Isaac Asimov`s prediction in 1958: "I get a picture, of the first spaceship picking out a nice level place for landing purposes, coming slowly downward tail-first and sinking majestically out of sight." 

Asimov had calculated that, if the moon had been around a few billion years, it would be covered with a layer of cosmic dust several miles thick.  That, of course, is why NASA first sent an unmanned lander that found, to Asimov`s surprise, only two or three inches of dust.  And we are all familiar with pictures of Armstrong`s footprints in the shallow lunar dirt.

Evolutionists depend heavily on huge eons of time to allow for all the happy accidents necessary for life to evolve from the primordial soup.  Yet they keep bumping into evidence that the earth is less than 10,000 years old. 

Our explorations on the moon have turned up many types of evidence that the earth and its moon have not been around the billions of years that evolutionists claim. The lunar dust is only one item of lunar evidence confounding the evolutionists.

With modern methods of measurement, scientists have discovered that the moon is traveling away from the earth at the rate of one and one-half inches a year.  This means that, if it had been around billions of years, it would have been so close to the earth that it would have been pulled into the earth by gravity.

The moon rocks brought back by the astronauts also betrayed the old earth theory.  They contained the short-term radioactive isotopes Uranium 236 and Thorium 230 that would have turned to lead in only a few thousand years.  This, alone, is very important proof that the moon cannot be older than several thousand years.

Author Vance Ferrell, in his book, The Evolution Handbook, lists several other facts about the moon that confound the theory of evolution.  The fact that the moon still has significant quakes, lava flows and gas emissions indicates a young moon.  Also significant is the composition of the lunar soil and the presence of inert gases on the moon`s surface.

The hard evidence continues to overload the evolutionists` sinking ship of faith.  To defend their position, they have to resort to shrill accusations that creationists are just trying to push religion.  But the evidence is piling up on our side.  Chick Publications has several excellent books you can use in witnessing to those suffering under evolution`s big lie (see booklist).