God Angry About Dividing His Land

Anyone who assumes that the U.S. has always been supportive of Israel and the Jews, needs a closer look at our history. Originally, the founding fathers recognized them as part of our Judo-Christian heritage and treated them well.

Prosperous Jews responded by generously funding the war efforts that won our freedom from the oppression of Britain`s King George. From then to the rise of Hitler, there was, basically, a close relationship.

But, as humanism began to replace America`s biblical perspective, some U.S. leaders started buying into the rising anti-Semitism. For all the good that Henry Ford did for modern transportation, it is shocking to learn that he was sympathetic to Hitler.

The feelings were mutual because on July 30, 1938, Hitler awarded Ford the Grand Cross of the German Eagle for Ford`s 75th birthday. This was after Ford published anti-Jewish books and bought a newspaper to run articles against Judaism.

From that time on, America`s attitude toward the Jews began to deteriorate. President Franklin D. Roosevelt refused to help Jews escaping from Hitler`s holocaust, even turning back a ship load trying to find asylum.

When World War II ended, FDR fought against Israel becoming a nation. His abrupt death allowed Harry Truman to switch back to helping them. He was the president who immediately recognized Israel as a nation when it was formed in May 1948.

Another president, Richard Nixon, was also in a position to assist Israel in 1973 when the Arabs again tried to push the Jews into the sea. In the middle of the night, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir woke Nixon and pled for military support.

Oddly enough, Nixon`s mother had long ago admonished him to "help Israel," if he was ever in a position to do so. That night, through Meir`s pleas, Nixon claimed he also heard his mother`s voice. He immediately ordered a massive air lift of supplies which turned the tide of the battle.

Subsequent presidents, up to the present, have pressured Israel, one way or another to give up more of God`s land to the Arabs. Several references by the Old Testament prophets find God using the term: "My Land."

Author John McTernan details the squeeze on modern Israel by Western Nations in his book, As America Has Done To Israel. Israel has agreed several times to try the idea of "land for peace." Each time, they have come out on the short end of the deal.

McTernan also points out the cost to those nations who have failed to bless Israel. According to Gen. 12:3 and elsewhere, scripture is clear about the curses that follow dealings with those who turn against the Jews.

Because America has begun to deal fast and loose with Israel, major calamities in the U.S. have escalated. Billion dollar disasters, which occurred only every few years before 1987, now number in the dozens.

In 2011, 242 disasters were declared with 12 costing over a billion dollars each. Hurricane Sandy alone in 2012, did $75 billion in damages. Often, these could be directly co-related to some act against Israel`s benefit.

McTernan`s book, and the new Crusader Comic" Unthinkable, based on his book, give convincing details of God`s blessing on those who bless Israel and His curse on the nations who offend His people or threaten His Land. Did you notice, also, that the curse usually coincides with corrupt leadership? At the same time of America`s shift against Israel, sin is increasingly being legalized.

Besides offering McTernan`s book, Chick Publications published the new Crusader Comic and a tract on the subject: Somebody Angry? Another favorite tract on the subject is Love the Jewish People. We must not forget that God still requires everyone to come to Him through Jesus, the Jews` Messiah.

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