A Message from David Daniels

Controversies are raging all around us. Let's respond with the gospel while we still can.

Anti-Israel Campus Groups Lobbying for Hamas

This is happening on American soil. It is time to wake up!

Anti-Jewish Persecution Rising in U.S.

U.S. support of Israel is diminishing, especially among young people in U.S. colleges.

God Angry About Dividing His Land

Despite claims to the contrary, not all U.S. presidents have supported Israel. Their different approaches have had very different consequences.

God Still Fights For Israel

Both Jews and Palestinians know whose God is in control.

God's Favorites: Israel - and Babies

America is refreshing its commitment to God’s chosen people, Israel, but what about the other ones God loves —babies?

Message From Jack Chick January/February 2014

Why did God bless America like He has? And why are we in danger of losing that blessing? It has to do with Israel.

What Would Isaiah Say Today?

Is America in Bible prophecy? Scholars are not sure. However, there are strong parallels between our nation and Israel's history. America has followed Israel's pattern in that after a few generations of prosperity, massive idolatry has followed.