Halloween: The Best Witnessing Opportunity of the Year

Over the years, thousands of families have turned Halloween into a powerful witnessing opportunity. Chick Publications has many testimonies of people touched through the tracts when they were dropped into trick-or-treat bags along with the candy. Others found a new boldness in using the tracts in witnessing. Some use the Halloween tracts all during the season when the marketing hype is on, not just Halloween night.

Here is one excerpt from a testimony sent to us: "One of the young women I work with gave her heart to Jesus after reading "The Little Princess." This just happened a short time ago. I gave her a packet of "The Little Princess." She went trick-or-treating with her four-year old little girl to a few neighbors' homes. When they gave her candy, she gave them The Little Princess. Now who could resist a little four year old —some people tried to give it back to her thinking she was confused and they didn't want to take her goodies, but she insisted it was a gift from her to them and they graciously accepted the little book. Now her cousin wants to give out little books next Halloween. Why not turn the devil's holiday into a witnessing tool? I have been putting out 200 Chick Tracts in the stores, in costumes and Halloween decorations, in phone booths and laundromats and various locations every Halloween for years. This had to be the most fun of all, and we KNEW the little booklets went inside the homes. God is so clever!"

One youth pastor wrote that he was saved at age 7 while reading the Chick tract This Was Your Life! by flashlight under the covers at night. He now leads teams of young people out on Halloween night handing out tracts to the crowds of ghosts and goblins on the streets.

Another soul winner uses the opportunity to "educate the neighbors, acquaintances, people at the grocery store, people at work (and everywhere!)." After reading one of the tracts, a neighbor saw the truth about the devil's night and threw out her carved jack-o-lantern pumpkin.

Churches and families often set out a table near the street with tracts and candy and "free-take-one" signs. One family went a little further: "Last Halloween about 7 of us dressed in white robes and sat behind a table on our porch. We had a large book "The Book of Life" on the table with our names printed on the page. We had white and blue balloons all over the post of the porch. My husband wore the gold sash on his white robe. When the children arrived we told them that they had come to the Great White Throne of Judgement and we asked them if their names were in the book of life? The children looked and looked for their names. We gave them a simple Gospel message and handed them the Chick Gospel tract and some candy. The children were very curious. Even the teens who came as every ugly and monstrous characters hung around and then came back for more tracts."

Others write of giving out tracts at "haunted houses" made up for Halloween. Tracts have been the opening for soul winners to suggest visiting our web site to learn more of the history of Halloween. One person wrote: "Just wanted to say I dropped into your web-site tonight and really enjoyed your testimony. A lot of folks don't understand the history of Halloween and what they are really opening their kids up to. As someone who has been on the other side, I am glad you have provided your testimony to help others understand."

This year, when the children come begging for gifts, be sure they get the good news of the gift of eternal life.

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