Homosexual Ambassador

On Friday, June 6, 1999, President Clinton went over the heads of the congress and appointed homosexual James Hormel as ambassador to the tiny European country of Luxembourg. Hormel's appointment had been held up by congress for several months and Clinton took the opportunity of a congressional recess to finalize his appointment.

Besides a career in law and diplomacy, Hormel considers himself an "elder statesman" to the San Francisco homosexual community. Heir to the Hormel Foods Corporation fortune, he has used much of his wealth to promote homosexual causes including establishment of the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest homosexual political group. In late 1997, Clinton accepted an invitation to speak at a fundraiser dinner for the HRC and became the first sitting president to give this sort of support to the sodomite movement.

"I think that by forcing Americans to be represented by a radical homosexual activist like Hormel, Clinton is showing his contempt for traditional morality, marriage, sexual fidelity and any concept of honor," commented Robert Knight of the Family Research Council.

With support from powerful men like Hormel and approval from top government leaders, the strident campaign of the homosexual movement is not likely to go away. Many state legislatures are in a pitched battle over approving homosexual marriage and pro-homosexual "sensitivity training" in government schools.

As soul winners, what must we do? One pastor put it in perspective when accosted by a young homosexual with the standard line: "But, I was born this way, so I can't help it."

The pastor gently replied, "Yes, I understand. I was born a sinner, too. I just worked out my sinful nature in a little different way. You see, I was a drunk and drug addict. There's really no difference between my sin and yours in God's eyes. Let me tell you how Jesus saved me from my sin and how He can save you from yours."

The shocked young man was suddenly willing to listen to the gospel and was led to the Lord.

What the homosexual activists want is confrontation. Using the weapon of anti-discrimination they have turned our nation's legal system on its head. Instead of the legal system protecting society from evil, in this case it is protecting the evil itself.

At the government level, we must let our legislators know what God thinks about homosexual sin. On the personal level, we must minister to the homosexual in compassion, just like any other sinners. If we use an in-your-face attitude, we will only fuel their anger, not lead them to freedom from their bondage.

Some have expressed concern that quoting the Leviticus scriptures in the tract Doom Town with their death sentence for homosexual behavior might influence some unstable persons to take matters into their own hands. Jesus has not called us to violence against sinners, but to a loving presentation of the gospel. We have updated the tract, Doom Town, to show we must present the truth with mercy and compassion and leave the judgment to God.

One thing is still crystal clear...homosexuality is sin, but Jesus can set you free, no matter what your sin.

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