Homosexual 'Marriage' Spreading

The rush to legalize homosexual partnering is not confined to the U.S. This week, Spain's parliament voted to join the Netherlands, Belgium, and Canada in making "gay" marriage legal. Same-sex couples now have the same rights to inheritance, medical coverage, and retirement benefits as normally married people. In some places that also includes the right to adopt children.

Here in the States, this part of the culture war is hot. The sodomites' steamroller to gain full marriage rights has stirred heated debate. Some state governments and activist judges are forging ahead to grant full marriage (Massachusetts) or same-sex "civil unions" (Vermont, Connecticut and California).

These "unions" carry most of the same benefits as full marriage but homosexuals hope to use it to gain the full acceptance and approval that the label "marriage" carries. Many states have passed constitutional amendments declaring that marriage is only between a man and a woman. When the voters are allowed to vote on the subject, homosexual marriage amendments usually lose by two-thirds or more.

The sodomite activists have managed to dominate TV, movies and much of the news media. All present the "gay" lifestyle as a normal variation in the culture. Anyone who attempts to present God's view of the subject, is quickly shouted down as a "bigot" or "homophobe."

"God is love," they smirk. "And He loves us, too, because He made us this way." This message is hammered into everyone's head until those who are not grounded in the Bible are coming to agree with it.

Many Christians are joining together with Focus on the Family, American Family Association, Family Research Council and Concerned Women of America to stand up for the biblical view. These organizations carry considerable weight in the battle but as Bible believers going about our daily lives, we often wonder how we, as individuals, can make a difference.

There is rising concern for the coming generation that their knowledge of Scripture is so limited that they will believe any anti-God propaganda that is presented. It is essential that God's point of view be presented to counter the media brainwashing.

If we neglect this, our streets will be no safer for us than it was for the angels who visited Sodom. The average life span of the male homosexual is about half the normal, due to their violent lifestyle and dozens of diseases transmitted by their unnatural, filthy sexual practices.

The Chick tracts, Doom Town, Bird and the Bees, and Sin City, are designed not only to show homosexuals what God thinks of their sin, but also to counter the sodomite propaganda that pervades our culture. Birds and the Bees is specifically written to younger readers who are being taught this lie even as young as kindergarten.

Soul winners, this is serious business. Judges and legislators have decided to legalize what God declared an abomination. We cannot remain silent. We are commissioned to be salt to the culture, to preserve it. To do this, we are instructed to go, teach all nations. The least we can do is seed tracts with God's point of view into the culture.

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