If You Can't Destroy the People of the Book, What's Next?

By David W. Daniels

If you were the Devil, and you wanted to destroy "the people of the Book," but you couldn`t destroy the people, what`s left?

The Book!

Satan tried for centuries to destroy God`s Book. But God`s faithful people kept copying and accurately translating it. What could the Devil do? Persuade people not to trust in God`s Book! The Devil had already used this tactic when he got Eve to doubt God`s words. Satan simply asked, "Yea, hath God said?" And Eve bought it! Amazingly, she believed Satan`s words—and doubted God.

For centuries Christians believed the Bible is God`s very words. So Satan raised up so-called "scholars," saying, "God didn`t want His words to be taken literally. It`s just the message of the Bible—His word, not words—that matters." And their students bought it!

Satan`s "scholars" rejected the entire history of God`s preserved words found all over in thousands of manuscripts, in favor of less than 50 shoddy, contradictory manuscripts from Alexandria, Egypt, lying that they are "older and better." So what did those scholars say, when their students found Alexandrian manuscripts disagreeing in thousands of places? "Don`t worry, it`s just the message—the word, not the words—that matters!"

So the scholars became like priests, and their students believed them instead of God. After that it was easy for the Devil to get the scholars to make "new" Bible translations every couple of years. Even though they use the same Vatican-approved Hebrew and Greek texts, they disagree with each other in many places. So what are Christian readers told, when they find those huge contradictions in the translations? "It`s just the message of the Bible,—His word, not His words—that matters!" It`s an effective lie, so Satan keeps telling it, over and over. When Christians doubt God`s words, their faith is turned to doubt. The Devil knows that without faith it is impossible to please God (Heb. 11:6), so he does all he can to destroy that faith. Is your faith damaged? You need to see the whole picture. But sometimes books on Bible history and Bible versions are really big and complicated. That`s why we at Chick Publications make it easier to understand with books like Look What`s Missing, Answers to Your Bible Version Questions, the 5-lesson workbook Why the King James Bible Is the Perfect Word of God and the illustrated book, Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible. The 3-hour video, A Lamp in the Dark, traces Satan`s many attempts to destroy the preserved Bible, kill its translators and substitute his own polluted texts, giving us the modern Bible versions.

How can we win souls for Christ if we cannot trust His words? Chick Publications is committed to helping you and your loved ones understand how you can fully trust the King James Bible as God`s perfectly preserved words in the English language.

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