In Canada, ‘Transformation’ is a Half-Empty Library

Books in LGBTQ Library.


Recent US political leaders have declared their intention to “fundamentally transform” the nation. Our neighbor to the north is fast becoming a test case demonstrating where the US is going in this move to “transformation.”

In one disturbing example, students in an Ontario public school returned this year to find the shelves in their library nearly half empty. This was because of “a new equity-based book-weeding process.” Administrators told students that they had been instructed to remove all books published prior to 2008.

When concerned citizens looked into the situation, they were given the usual run-around and gobbledygook response. The answer was that the Ministry of Education had instituted an “equitable curation cycle.” Curation cycles are part of normal library administration since the volume of books will quickly overwhelm the storage space.

In the past, that was based primarily on popularity of the volume but now we have another criteria in the word “equitable.” We have come to understand that this word is part of the neo-Marxist religion’s new vocabulary.

They are hoping that we will confuse this with our good, old word “equality.” But there is a world of difference.

Americans have always understood that the word equality meant that everyone had an “equal opportunity” to succeed in life. That success was only possible when the person put out the effort to take advantage of that opportunity.

Marxism now has adopted a slightly different word to mean what they call “equality of outcome.” Their philosophy of equality of outcome promises that everybody should have equal success guaranteed by a socialist government, with or without effort. This is part of their campaign to create chaos so that they can gain political control.

By this “cancelling” of history prior to 2008, they are attempting to erase the record of Marxism’s devastating effect on other countries that have adopted it. By this and other “cancel culture” mechanisms, they hope to create enough ignorance and chaos so that everyone will vote them into power, thus accomplishing the desired “transformation.”

Of course, this is only one small chapter in the Canadian leadership’s playbook.

Canada is one of the few nations with no “criminal restrictions” on abortion. And over three percent of all deaths in Canada are from “assisted” death. Since the euthanasia program called MAID (Medical Assistance In Dying) was instituted, more than 31,000 have been killed by the program.

We should note that Satan is interested in killing as many people as possible. Neo-Marxists are also interested in reducing the population, particularly those who oppose their globalist agenda.

During COVID-19, Canada was eager to jail pastors who wished to continue church services, and close bank accounts of those who marched in opposition to government lockdowns.

As in America, homosexual perversion has been granted protection in the anti-discrimination laws. Drag queens prance in libraries and scantily dressed sadomasochists pridefully strut in street parades before gawking children.

The religion of Marxism shows up in many subtle ways. It purports to be godless, but elevates the state as all powerful, all wise and all supplying. The devastating results of that lie is most visible in Cuba, Venezuela, and Argentina, as well as China, Russia, and “secular” Europe.

The books taken out of the Ontario library would have shown conclusively that no government can long survive without a moral people, as America’s founding fathers preached. And they would show that the only moral code that works is the one detailed in the Bible.

But to be truly moral, people must first come in submission to their Creator, accept His forgiveness for their sin, and allow the Holy Spirit to use the Bible to direct their lives.

And how will they know this?

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