In Canada, ‘Transformation’ is a Half-Empty Library

Recent US political leaders have declared their intention to 'fundamentally transform' the nation. Our neighbor to the north is fast becoming a test case.

Mission Fund Update: November 2023

Your generous giving makes it possible for us to help missionaries reach lost souls worldwide using tracts. Here is the latest report from 11 countries we have recently sent tracts to.

Who Folded the Laundry?

Scientists pretend to have the best answers, but then they want you to believe silly things.

Money—Primary Tool of Antichrist

In the march to the antichrist’s one-world government, there are lots of 'groups' forming. One is called the Group of 20.

So, How Should We Think About the Pride Assault?

How did we manage to get where families freely take their children downtown to watch parades of sexual perversion?

Pope All-In on Climate Change

In early October, Pope Francis released a new document specifically targeting the subject of climate change. He claims that we have reached the point where we are 'unable to halt the enormous damage we have caused.'

A Message from David W. Daniels

The Whore of Babylon never changes its goals, that’s for sure. If there is a way she can take over the minds and hearts (and souls) of men, she will.

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