'Light of the World' Video a True Soul Winner

Reports are beginning to come back to Chick Publications from people who have used the new gospel video, The Light of the World. One pastor who works with prison chaplains wrote: "It is riveting and powerful in its no-punches-pulled approach to the full gospel story. It's just what many of our inmates need to hear! It will be an excellent supplement to our video library for the jail chaplains."

Another wrote: "I have been saved since 1988, and have used many means to contact the lost, but this film is like nothing I have ever seen in my life! ...God has laid it upon my heart to send this film to every friend, relative, and acquaintance I know and to give it to everyone I can give it to...God has always put on my heart the horrifying truth of Hell, but the way it is presented in this film is truly soul-wrenching. It is the way it is told in the Bible, but a picture is worth a thousand words. This movie has brought alive the pages of scripture and translated them to screen."

One caller told us that they had shown The Light of the World and a couple of kids came forward for salvation. Then they went around the neighborhood advertising another showing and thirty people came. Many were praying at the end. They plan to show it periodically because it was making a great impact on their community.

Church groups going on short-term mission trips are taking the video with them. One church planned to show it 20 times in a 3-week trip. Another reported that over 1100 were saved during 17 showings in Mexico City.

The latest version of the video contains subtitles so that the message is available to the 28 million Americans who are hearing impaired.

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