Mainline Protestants Adrift Without a Preserved Bible.

According to a recent Associated Press release, the worldwide Anglican church is struggling for "survival." In a letter to the leaders of the church, the Archbishop of Canterbury raised the question of how to "heal the feuds over gay clergy and other rifts...and hold together the 77 million followers around the world."

The letter was a sort of discussion paper released before the 2008 world convention. The American branch, known as the Episcopal church, has focused the controversy over homosexual clergy by consecrating a bishop who is living openly with another man. U.S. and European Anglican leaders are pressing ahead with homosexual clergy and recognizing same-sex unions. But much of the rest of the branches in other parts of the world are objecting to this obviously unbiblical drift.

Mainline Lutherans and Presbyterians are also in this same struggle and watching closely the Anglican developments. Some in the leaderships are calling for unity at all costs. Others are pointing to God's point of view in the Bible and threatening to split the denomination.

Author David Daniels sees this as a natural outgrowth of a loss of confidence in God's Words: "Leaders in the mainline churches long ago abandoned the belief that we have the infallible words of God. A check of statements of faith from many of these churches finds that they believe that the Bible is infallible only as it was given in the 'original autographs.'"

When the churches got away from the authority of the King James Bible, they became lost in a quagmire of confusion. Daniels details the source of this confusion in the modern Bible versions that are based on the stream of polluted manuscripts. His book, Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?, shows how faithful scribes produced exact copies and literal translations to give us the KJV.

The other stream of manuscripts came through a process that polluted God's Words with man's philosophy, culminating in the altered and contradictory manuscripts supporting all of the modern versions.

This opened the door to the radical interpretation of Scripture which homosexuals use to justify their sin. Many modern translations replace the word "sodomite" with "temple prostitute." This opened the door for modern homosexuals to argue that they did not fit the scriptural definition, therefore God accepts them because He made them that way.

Thus, soul winners, who do not use the KJV, are at a disadvantage when using a modern Bible to witness to the homosexual. When a church denies that it has the inspired words of God, all kinds of confusion and mischief occurs like what we see in the feuding mainline denominations.

Today, dozens of translations provide a smorgasbord of interpretations. Anyone wanting to justify a sin can probably find a Bible text that they can interpret in their favor. Either God preserved His words as He promised in Psalms 12:6-7 and Matthew 24:35 or He lied. If "God is not a man, that he should lie," (Num 23:19) then we need to find where He preserved them. Daniels make a strong case that it is in the Authorized King James Version.

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