Millions Are Sure They Are Not Sure

The most unsure people in the world are Roman Catholics. Ask them whether or not they will go to heaven, and they'll answer, "I hope so! I'm trying to do enough good to make it." They are taught that no matter how many good works they do, or how many times they go to mass, they are never quite sure it is enough. This uncertainty is their priest's tool to keep them tightly under control.

Actually, they believe that no one can ever be sure. They consider it the sin of presumption to have saving faith... to believe that you are saved! Even the popes expect to suffer in purgatory's fires until they are "cleansed."

Millions don't bother to go to mass, or show up at confession. Yet when approached with the gospel they say, "No thanks, I'm Catholic." If they don't act like Catholics all their lives, what is it they are trusting?

When baptized as an infant, they receive their "membership" in the Roman Catholic Church. Though they may never act like a good Catholic, they still expect a priest to give them the Last Rites before death to help sneak them through the pearly gates. They are counting on it! To make matters worse, they even see famous "evangelical" leaders on Christian TV telling them that they are saved!

So they live on, hoping for the best, never quite sure if God will let them into heaven. Meanwhile the TV crowd assures them that the "faith" they have in "good works" is as good as any other.

Eventually, they come to their last breath. Still unsure if they have been "good enough," they call the priest to give the last rites. In this final ceremony their church doesn't even claim to deliver heaven, just enough grace to reduce the time God will fry them in purgatory's fires.

Such pathetic faith! Jesus died to give them so much more. Yet they are persuaded they can never gain such a gift through simple faith. In his gospel tract, "Last Rites," Jack Chick attacks the faith that millions have in those last rites. He shows instead that Jesus, not a priest, is the key to heaven's gate.

In one way, Catholics are right. No matter how hard you try, you can never do enough good works to earn heaven. Now let's tell them that Jesus has already paid the price. It's free!

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