Are We The 'Barney Generation?'

We are not placed here to be spectators. God put us here for a purpose: to spread the Gospel, because there really is a judgement at the end.

Millions Are Sure They Are Not Sure

Most Catholics aren't sure whether or not they are saved.

'No Salvation Outside Roman Catholicism' Says New Vatican Dictum

The Roman Catholic Church has released a 36-page declaration that she, alone, has a corner on salvation.

Pope Proves Catholics Don't Know Their Own Doctrines

Although I simply quoted the 1994 Catholic catechism, I am consistently accused of lying, twisting words, distorting facts and otherwise misconstruing Catholic doctrine.

Salvation - Muslim Style

The recently closed month of fasting by Muslims called Ramadan provided a glimpse into the grass-roots Islamic view of salvation.

The Steepest Generation:1963-2013

Every generation, like every roller coaster, has its ups and downs. But this generation is in a terrifying decline with many wondering, "where is the bottom?".