Money—Primary Tool of Antichrist

In the march to the antichrist’s one-world government, there are lots of “groups” forming. One is called the Group of 20 (G20). Finance ministers from about 20 countries meet periodically. In their September meeting, the discussion was about a new kind of money.

Actually, it was just a new name for a fairly old type of money that we use every day: digital money.

That’s the kind you have stored on your debit card. When you go to an ATM you are changing the digital money back to paper money.

Before that, common money was usually precious metal, gold or silver. Before that was barter. A live chicken might get you a bag of carrots.

Along the way there were other variations such as tobacco. The early American colonies used it as money for a few decades. It was portable, divisible into smaller units, and had “intrinsic value” because of its narcotic effect.

But just a few decades ago, computers were introduced, and money became credits in a digital ledger. The ATM gives you access to those credits and converts them into paper dollars. And the digital ledger balance is reduced by the amount on the paper bills that you draw from the ATM.

Since the introduction of digital money, there has been a rapid gravitation away from the older coins and paper. That change has been so effective that over 80% of all the transactions done in the modern world are done in digits.

So, it follows that the powers that are dragging us toward a one-world system see a golden opportunity related to money. You know that if everyone had to use the same money, their world control would be greatly advanced.

In their planning, coins and paper need to go. Actually, seeing how far they have gone in eliminating them already, they haven’t far to go.

But the issue now is more control.

Coins and bills, and even credit cards issued by hundreds of banks, make control impossible. The next step in control involves the central banks in the individual countries. Many countries now have these central banks modeled on the American Federal Reserve bank and the European Central Bank. And the problem is that each bank issues its own currency such as the dollar, the yen, and the euro.

As these different central banks push to eliminate coin and paper bill money in favor of digital money, their ability and temptation to increase control grows. Some countries are farther down this road than others. China has merged personal ID with control of digital money. The result has been what is called, "social credits".

By watching how people spend their money through the digital system, the government can gauge their loyalty and issue positive or negative social credits on their ID. If they have too many negative credits their card will not clear when they go to buy an airline ticket or pay tuition to get into their preferred college.

Places like China are lab cases for the planned single global digital money system that will ultimately give the Antichrist the kind of control over buying and selling described in Revelation chapter 13.

The United Nations already has a framework for this in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. One secretive organization is currently experimenting with what they call the Worldcoin, a combination of a government issued identification and the ability to track purchases through a Central Bank Digital Currency (ID/CBDC) system.

Persecution of Christians is rising worldwide. Resistance to the gospel is taking on a global scope. The spirit of Antichrist has made great strides even in America. Jesus warned that the night was coming when we could not work.

Soul winners, we need to do what we can while we can.

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Excerpt from 'Almost Time.

Excerpt from 'Almost Time.

'Almost TimeRead "Almost Time" by Jack T. Chick

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