More States Are Voting for Assisted Suicide

America is quietly opening up another chapter of death. Jesus said that Satan was out to kill, steal, and destroy. In the killing category, eleven states plus the District of Columbia make assisted suicide legal. Ten more have introduced legislation to do so since the beginning of 2023.

Proponents see it as an act of mercy, relieving suffering. Others accuse them of acting as God, making a decision that God reserves only to Himself.

The heart of the debate is the question, who is “terminally ill.”

This decision, of course, generally lands in the lap of the medical field. As much as we respect that field, they are not perfect. Many who are still alive today can testify that their doctor’s verdict was incorrect. Dedicated doctors have joined the medical profession to help and to heal, not to destroy life. Yet some state laws threaten a doctor’s license if he objects to killing his patients.

Thus, the government ends up assuming to answer the question of who. But can we trust a government that sidesteps God and ignores the Bible? History does not provide an encouraging answer. Evil and godless governments have proven to be quick to decide who should live and who should not.

The philosophy behind assisted suicide covers more than just the “terminally ill.” Some have considered that disabled people are a drag on the culture, declared them “terminally” useless and candidates for elimination. Others consider that the mentally ill should be put out of their misery.

The same philosophy surfaces in the current fight over abortion, to simply dispose of the child that is getting in somebody’s way. Some even advocate refusal of life-giving assistance to a baby accidentally born alive during an abortion.

The introduction of evolution provided an open door for godless atheism. With God out of the way, men could now take over His job. The creation of life and the justification for death was now in the hands of science.

But the creation of life outside of God’s method of male-female cooperation still remains a distant dream for science. However, death is another matter. Evolutionists are stuck with the concept of survival of the fittest.

Satan managed to get Hitler and Stalin to carry this to the ultimate extreme. Jews and the mentally ill were considered an unfit form of subhuman lowlife. Medical science was actually enlisted to find more efficient ways to eliminate them so that the “superior race” could thrive.

Now today, modern Marxism is trying to put a new face on this demonic philosophy. Biblical truth is being rapidly expunged from our culture. In its place is a fanciful utopian dream. Rich men are spending billions in scientific research to extend their life span.

But Satan’s agenda is still death to as much of God’s creation as he can. Unfortunately, he has been given power to persuade men to carry out that agenda. For a couple hundred years, the Western world has had the highest standard of living in history. That was basically provided by obedience to God’s word.

Today, Satan’s campaign of lies is accelerating death and destruction. Without a revival of obedience to God’s word, we are being set up for a catastrophic decline. Assisted suicide, abortion, casualties of wars, and accelerating crime are all symptoms of God’s judgment.

Conviction of sin in the hearts of men is the necessary prerequisite for revival. But how will they hear without a preacher? Gospel tracts are basically patient, paper preachers calling men to repentance.

Some have testified that they read a tract, then tossed it into the trash. But the message had seared itself into their memory and years later, bore fruit in the middle of a time of distress.

Soul winners, we need to redouble our efforts.

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