Muslim Author Finds the True God He Knew Had To Be There Somewhere

There are an estimated 6 million Muslims in the U.S. They are here for a variety of reasons but they have one thing in common.  They are all deceived by their religion. 

Mohammad Al Ghazoli, in his newly released book, Christ, Muhammad and I, writes: "I am someone at whose door a brother knocked and said, 'have you read the Qur`an and Muhammad`s sayings (Al Hadith) in depth?  After reading, I was stricken with a severe intellectual headache..." For ten years he wandered, giving up on the religion of his family.  But he still felt that there had to be a God somewhere.

"While I was lost as far as the Islamic religion is concerned," he says, "a born-again Christian put a Bible in my hands, and said 'Read.`"  He opened the Bible haphazardly and his eyes fell on Matt 11:28: "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

This teaching was so different from what he had been taught in Islam. Captivated, he read more.  "Love your enemies...bless them that despitefully use good to them that hate you." 

All of his life he had prayed the standard Muslim prayer to be led in the right path—the right way.  When Jesus said: "I am the way, the truth and the life," Ghazoli responded: "Yes, He is the way, and I surrendered my soul to the Lord Jesus Christ, and, behold, everything changed. It seemed as though I entered a different valley—a green, wonderful valley.  How beautiful it is for the soul to surrender to its God and Lord, Jesus Christ."

In the first 40 years as a Muslim, Ghazoli rose to high positions in the Arab publishing world.  With a university degree in economics and political science, he became editor of a major Arab newspaper and a consultant to Libyan leader Mu`ammar Qadhafi as well as other Arab leaders.  He published dozens of books and wrote thousands of articles. 

But his doubts and disillusionment with Islam remained in his heart until he received the Bible and found the God that he felt had to be out there somewhere. 

First published in Arabic, Christ, Muhammad and I has been released in English.  In it Ghazoli gives a brief story of his life, but the majority of the book is an analysis of the logical discrepancies and contradictions of the Qur`an and Muhammad`s capricious god, Allah. He describes how Islam`s Prophet built a religion around his own sexual lust and cold-hearted plunder of his neighbors. 

Christ, Muhammad and I will provide valuable background for any soul winner dealing with the precious Muslim who is blindly following his Prophet but knows in his heart there ought to be a loving God somewhere Who cares about his soul.  Ghazoli pleads with the reader to see that Jesus is the True Creator, not Muhammad`s capricious, bloodthirsty Allah.

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