New Discoveries Continue to Shake the Evolutionist's World

Evidence of a young earth continues to pile up. Creation Science Evangelism, producers of the Kent Hovind Creation DVDs, describes how meteorites are largely missing in sedimentary rock.

If the rock was formed over billions of years, the steady rain of meteors would show up in great quantities throughout the layers.

However, if the sediment forming the rock resulted from a sudden world-wide flood over a year or two, then few meteorites would be imbedded. This, coupled with the absence of a thick layer of cosmic dust on the moon, speaks clearly of a young solar system.

Thomas Heinze, author of Vanishing Proofs of Evolution and How Life Began, included the following picture in a recent email.

Heinze writes: "The picture is one small detail of a bacterium: the mechanism that powers the simple little flipper that drives it through the water.

"The curved hair (flagellin) going upward out of the top of the picture spins round and round rowing the bacterium through the water. Atheists and many evolutionists believe that the first life was something simple like a bacterium that was formed when some chemicals came together by accident. Intelligent Design people say: 'There is no way that a series of lucky accidents could have made a thing like this!'"

Evidence of a young earth is the devastating factor in destroying the argument of evolutionists. The only substitute they have for a Creator is Time.
It is their "god of creation." If the cosmos is not millions, or billions, of years old, then the imagined mutations that evolutionists believe to have created life and man cannot have happened.

"Time" is the only refuge they have from the deluge of evidence piling up against the evolutionary theory. With each newly developed research tool comes additional proof of an intelligent, awesome Creator.

To suggest that a complex bacterial motor such as that in the picture could have been constructed "accidentally" over millions of years appears increasingly ridiculous. Each new discovery, such as the DNA molecule and the complexity of a single cell, radiates the glory of God.

But He said that those who refused to believe in God would be sent a "strong delusion, that they should believe a lie" and "be damned." (See 2 Thes. 2:10-12.) Satan is a liar and the lie of evolution is one of his masterpieces. He has succeeded in booting God out of the public schools, colleges and universities and installing the god of evolution instead. Most TV and movie plots include the assumption of the evolution of man.

Jesus told Pilate that He had come to bear witness to the truth. He has commissioned us to take that truth to all the world. Soul winners, we need to do all we can to raise doubt about evolution and also "bear witness to the truth."

Besides paperbacks and DVDs, Chick Publications provides several tracts designed to cast doubt on evolution and point to the Creator.

The tract, Big Daddy? and the booklet, In The Beginning...Soup? present basic facts that destroy the theory of evolution. Tracts In The Beginning and Moving On Up contrast evolution with the Bible story of creation and work well with students.

Let's use this literature to seed the truth into our communities to counter the monstrous lie of evolution and teach the truth that there really is a Creator who loves us and has provided a way to deal with the guilt of our sin.