Author Claims Some Dinosaurs Live Today!

In March, 1962, five teenage boys rode a small boat to a partially submerged shipwreck off the coast of Pensacola, Florida.

Basic Questions Evolutionists Can't Answer

Evolutionists wake up each morning to tiptoe around important problems their worldview won't let them resolve. Here are three basic examples.

Big Bugs More Evidence of Eden

For a long time, scientists have puzzled over fossil evidence that dragonflies once grew two-foot wingspans and millipedes were 5 feet long.

Billions of Years?

Can billions of years do what is otherwise impossible?

Butterfly Gives Darwin an 'Absolute Breakdown'

Darwin felt that natural selection, working by just slight modifications, had formed all the animals and all of their organs.

Creation or Evolution? Evidence from Design

If anyone can see it's clearly designed, how can there be no designer?

Evolution is "Incoherent Folktales” Says World-Renowned Scientist

The Discovery Institute in Seattle, Washington, is a think tank devoted to exposing the pseudo-science of the theory of evolution.

Evolution is Marvelous: Now a River is a Person

The strange after-effects of teaching evolution.

Evolution is Religion, not Science says Dr. Hovind

Do evolutionists "know" the earth is billions of years old or do they "believe" that it is?

Evolution Under Attack In Europe

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recently condemned efforts to teach creationism in schools.

Evolution: Faith - Not Science!

Because they are complex, many things appear to have been designed and created: cars, refrigerators, the earth and particularly the living things that live on earth...

Evolution: No God Needed!

For godless humanists, evolution takes care of the problem of having to explain away a Creator.

'Evolutionists Are In A Panic Mode'

"I can only conclude that they [evolutionists] don't have any evidence," observed board member Morris.

Evolutionists Getting Beat on Their Own Turf

Many scientists are increasingly convinced that the biology of animals and humans is too complex to have been created by chance, no matter ow many of millions of years may be involved.

Evolution's Big Lie Looking More Absurd

When Neil Armstrong guided the lunar lander down toward the surface of the moon in 1970 he had many concerns.

Evolution's Grip On Schools May Be Loosening

Recently, school boards in six states have tried to change their science standards to downplay evolution.

Evolution's 'Proofs' Rapidly Vanishing

What do peppered moths, ancient horses and the Piltdown man have in common? They are all pillars of evidence of evolution that have crumbled.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg Trying to Fund Heaven on Earth

There are still those who believe technology can solve everything. But there is another way, and it involves changing people from within.

Fossilized Mosquito Drilling Holes in Theory of Evolution

To Bible believers, the answer is obvious. But some scientists choose to just scratch their heads, hoping 'science' will eventually come up with an explanation.

Fossils Prove Pre-Flood Earth Was Ideal Environment

Creation scientists are amassing evidence that life was much different before Noah's flood.

God's Marvelous Molecular Machines

More and more evidence that God designed living things is constantly turning up as microscopes and methods are being perfected.

Green River Fossil Foolishness

Evolutionists use the Green River fossilized lake beds as an argument against a young earth. I was recently in Wyoming and turned off to see for myself...

How Evolutionists Plan To Save The World

When they removed God from the equation they removed all hope for mankind. Now, evolutionists are desperate to save the world.

How Old is the Moon?

200 new craters since 2009 show the moon is not as old as we`ve been told.

How Scientific is the Big Bang?

The Big Bang is the idea that "nothing" exploded and formed everything: the elements, galaxies, solar systems, the earth, and even complex molecules which eventually came together to form life.

How To Make a Ferrari?

Can random events produce a finely engineered mechanism? Evolutionists think so!

In the End, the Bible is Always Right

How could life come from a simple cell, when there is no such thing as a SIMPLE cell?

Information: Another Embarrassment for Evolutionists

Evolutionists often claim that a monkey pounding on a computer keyboard would probably type meaningful words occasionally if given enough time.

Intelligent Design, Is There Evidence?

When evolutionist judges and the popular press speak of intelligent design, they often claim, like this quote from The Wall Street Journal, "There is not a shred of evidence to support this theory."

Is this cave millions of years old?

If you have ever visited a large cave, you may have heard the guide warn you, "Don't touch the formations! They took millions of years to form!"

Kansas Board Vacillates Over Text Book Lies

The state of Kansas has recently been one of the battlegrounds over the teaching of evolution in public schools.

Life from Space?

A recent Portland Oregonian article criticized the Boy Scouts for expelling an atheist assistant scoutmaster and said: "Lambert, who is 19, and has been an atheist since studying evolution in the ninth grade..."

Little Bugs That Evolutionists Would Like to Forget!

Here, excerpted from The Collapse of Evolution by Dr. Scott M. Huse, is one of the many humorous examples in nature that make evolutionists look silly.

More Basic Questions Evolutionists Can't Answer

Evolutionists: try these important problems on for size.

More Evidence of Creation

Evidence that the earth-sun system was designed by God far outweighs any possibility that it all just happened to come together by mere chance.

New Definition of Science?

"Evolution is science, so the schools must teach it. Creationism and Intelligent Design (ID) are religion, so they must not be taught!"

New Discoveries Continue to Shake the Evolutionist's World

The little "flipper" that propels a bacterium shows how impossible it was for life to form without God.

New Evidence for Human Evolution?

"Strongest evidence yet, that humans are still evolving..."

New Louisiana Law Allows 'Open Discussion' on Creation

Bill signed creates a level playing field in the discussion of the origin of life and other controversial subjects in the state school system.

Petrified Forest in Antarctica More Evidence of the Flood

Explorers in Antarctica have discovered the 'oldest polar forest on record in the southern polar region.' It is a fossilized mix of evergreens, deciduous, and Gingkoes, that appeared to have died suddenly.

Pressure Mounting on Schools to Teach Evolution as Theory

When students come to believe that evolution is true, they are ready to believe the bigger lie that the biblical account of creation is just a myth.

Really — How Old IS That Fossil?

Evolutionists speak with great confidence when they toss around dates related to age of earth and fossils.

Science 'Discovers' We All Have Common Ancestors

This is the conclusion of a supercomputer and statistical study reported in Nature magazine, the most prestigious of the scientific journals.

Science Finds More Evidence of a "Genetic Reset" (Noah, Perhaps?)

Scientists are desperate to disprove the Bible, but they keep tripping over their own evidence. Could Noah's family have created a 'genetic reset' that some scientists have discovered.

Science Finds More 'Evidence' of Adam and Eve

Scientists are desperate to disprove the Bible, but they keep tripping over their own evidence. That is primarily because what they consider “evidence” is often only supported by “assumptions” (maybe-so’s) and “inferences” (guesses).

Scientists Admit: Evolution Not Supported By Facts!

Here are the statements of several scientific leaders as found in The Quote Book, published by Creation Science Foundation Ltd.

Scientists Prove Why ‘Life is in the Blood’

Quotations from the book 'Darwin’s Universe' by Yan Wee show how developing science keeps showing us that the Bible got it right.

Sex, Evolution's Nightmare!

The existence of the sexes is impossible with evolution.

Simple Cells? Not Any Longer!

Advances in science have taught us that "simple" cells are not simple at all. They are much too complex to be the result of evolution.

Spacecraft Finds More Evidence Debunking Evolution

The Cassini spacecraft that arrived in orbit around Saturn last year has made several discoveries that honest evolutionists will find disturbing.

'Stone Age' Another Evolution Myth

The term, "stone age" is deeply imbedded in our language. Yet, it only illustrates how thoroughly the evolution world view permeates our thinking.

The Pope Denies Genesis by Endorsing Evolution

Calling evolution "more than a hypothesis," Pope John Paul II gave his official support to the idea of evolution while speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in late October.

The Stealth Religion

Chances didn't see this religion coming.

The Theory From Hell

Some Christians, including church leaders and religion teachers, attempt to combine part of evolutionary theory with biblical beliefs, but the two positions do not mix.

Time is Evolutionist's God, Says Author

"The general theory of evolution is based on several faulty assumptions," says Dr. Kent Hovind, author and creator of the Creation Seminar Video Series.

Up in Arms Over -Arm Evolution

If people's arms evolved from ape's arms, why are they shorter and weaker? Isn't evolution supposed to bring "improvement?"

Weakness of 'Scientific' dating method exposed

Over a 20 year career, Shinichi Fujimura made one amazing archaeology discovery after another.

Who Folded the Laundry?

Scientists pretend to have the best answers, but then they want you to believe silly things.

Will Mutations Rescue General Motors?

Mutations, random accidental changes which are passed on to the offspring by heredity, are claimed by evolutionists to be the reason for the many kinds of living things in the world around us.

World Renown Scientist's Computer Proves Noah's Flood

A new computer in the supercomputing department of the National Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Los Alamos, New Mexico is being used by a world renown scientist to present evidence that the earth is less than 10,000 years old, just as the Bible says.

World-Famous Chemist Says Peers Hide From Explaining Evolution

Professor James M. Tour polled many of his peers in Physics and Chemistry departments about evolution. He found out what many professors won’t admit publically.