New KJV Workbook Helps Clarify Bible Versions Issue

Issue Date: January/February 2007

A little boy sat beside his father in the pew, proudly cradling his new Bible.  As the pastor stood to speak, the boy opened his Bible anticipating the pastor`s sermon text.  The pastor announced it and the boy quickly found the verses.

But as the pastor began to read, the boy`s face clouded with confusion.  The words he was hearing were different than what he was reading.  He double checked the verses—then stared at the pastor in bewilderment.  Glancing back to his Bible, he again struggled to follow along.  No use.  He finally closed his Bible and tried to focus his attention on the sermon.  After all, the pastor was the PASTOR; he must have the right Bible.  Something must be wrong with MY Bible, thought the boy.

How sad, that, in this true story, the pastor has replaced the written Word as the final authority for biblical truth. We are fast becoming no longer "people of the Book."  How can we be when there are so many "books" that all say "Holy Bible" on the cover, but disagree in so many ways?  Confidence in the written word is being replaced with confidence in the opinions of imperfect men.

Like the little boy in our story, many of our young people are under stress because of the variety of Bible "versions."  Publishers are targeting the kids for acceptance of the polluted versions at an early age. 

Pastor Gary Miller has devised a simple "workbook" to help his people understand the Bible version issue and why the King James Version is God`s perfectly preserved words in English. 

The workbook is called "Why the King James Bible is the Perfect Word of God." In five simple lessons the student is walked through the issues, using scripture to prove that God inspired His words, God preserved His words, that God has a purpose for His words and that we can find God`s inspired and perfectly preserved words in English in the 1611 King James Bible.

The workbook provides fill-in blanks to keep the reader focused on the subject.  It uses dozens of scriptures to prove the points. When finished, the student has both a new understanding and appreciation of the KJV, and a 48-page booklet to refer back to when future Bible version questions arise.  He can share it with friends (and anyone else) who may also be confused about this issue.

While the book is simple enough to use in a young people`s Sunday school class, it is makes an excellent guide for adult training sessions on this subject. The inexpensive format allows each student to have his personal copy when completed. 

Chick Publications has made this workbook available to youth leaders and other pastors and teachers who need help bringing clarity to this issue.

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