A Message From Jack Chick

A Message From Jack Chick

Are God's words preserved in a 17th century book?

Video transcript - If God preserved His words in some form, does He need to do it in that form again? If He preserved His words in English in the KJV, does He need to retranslate it every few years?

Are there mistakes in the King James Bible?

What if there really ARE mistakes in the King James Bible?

Aren't King James Bible believers a cult?

Answer to the charge

Aren't there archaic words in the Bible?

Aren't there archaic words in the Bible needing modern translation?

Bible Texts - the Good and the Bad

Description of the texts used to bring us the Bible. Excerpted from "Understandable History of the Bible" by Samuel C. Gipp.

Bible Translation Leader Says, "I'm In Trouble With The Lord."

Dr. Frank Logsdon, project member of the translation committee for the New American Standard Version (NASB), has denounced his work on that Bible and urged all Christians to return to the Authorized Version, commonly known as the King James Bible.

Bible Versions: What Difference Does it Make?

Are there good reasons why we should be concerned about the proliferation of Bible versions, or is it "much ado about nothing?"

Book Excerpt from "Look What's Missing"

Author David W. Daniels Tells How the NASB Influenced Him in Bible College.

Can A Translation Be Inspired?

The Bible contains some quotations that are actually translations into Hebrew or Greek from other languages. Are they inspired Scripture? From "The Answer Book" by Samuel C. Gipp copyright 1989. Reproduced by permission.

Can You Trust Your Bible Scholars?

There are two kinds of Bible scholars: the scholars of faith and the scholars of doubt. Which one will YOU trust?

Chapter 7 - The Enemy

From 'Understandable History of the Bible' by Samuel C. Gipp - How the Roman Catholic Church fought against the Authorized Text.

Chapter 8: Westcott and Hort - part 1

Meet the men whose disbelief compelled them to change the Bible - Westcott and Hort. See the heresy in their own words, and why they were determined to change the text of the Scriptures. From Gipp's "Understandable History of the Bible."

Christian Music Star Deceived by Bible Confusion

"Coming out" as a lesbian, she says she is not really convinced that the Bible speaks against homosexuality because not all Bibles do so clearly.

Classic Chance to Update the Bible

Ezra was presented with the perfect opportunity to update the Bible. Rather, he did what every faithful pastor should be doing.

Conversation in a 'Bible' Bookstore

Is your bible the perfect word of God?

Critics of the Authorized Version

Excerpt from chapter 9 of "Understandable History of the Bible" by Samuel C. Gipp.

Deciding Which Bible Version To Use

Whether to use the King James or a modern Bible depends upon a simple decision. It boils down to one basic choice - do you believe God kept His promise?

Did Hort and Westcott do what they were hired to do? Or was there another agenda?

Video transcript - They were hired to make a mininal revision, but ended up replacing the entire New Testament text.

Did the King James Translators Claim Inspiration?

No, but that doesn't mean that God didn't guide them. From 'The Answer Book' by Samuel Gipp.

Do New Manuscripts Strengthen the King James Bible?

The King James translators already had examples of the so-called "new" manuscripts of today, and they REJECTED them. From 'The Answer Book' by Samuel Gipp

Do You Have an 'Almost' Bible?

Many modern scholars say "Of course I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, in the original autographs!" But they don't believe what you think they believe.

Does "replenish" in Genesis 1:28 mean "repopulate," like there was a world before ours?

The meaning has changed. To "replenish" means to fill. Adam and Eve were told only to "fill" the earth, not "refill" it.

Does God Care About the "Original Autographs?"

It has gotten so weird in the last 150 years that in order to say that you believe in the Bible, you have to say, "I believe in the verbal, plenary, infallible, inerrancy of the original autographs."

Does Your Bible Have 'Fairytale Markers?"

Little-known true story from Wycliffe translators points out a danger in many modern Bibles.

Does Your Church Trust a Bible that Doesn't Exist?

If your church believes only in the reliability of originals that we no longer have, it confesses faith in a Bible that does not exist.

Don't the Best Manuscripts Support the New Bible Versions?

The vast majority of Bible manuscripts support the King James, except for the two corrupted ones used to change modern Bibles.

Doubt! Satan's Sharpest Arrow

For years, Satan has made peopple doubt they really have God's words. How is he doing it?

Dr. Frank Logsdon, Bible translation leader says, 'I'm in trouble with the Lord."

Dr. Frank Logsdon, who wrote the preface for the New American Standard Version, repudiates his work on the NASB.

From Faith to Doubt - The Making of an Agnostic

See how Bart Ehrman's Christian college professors convinced him that the Scripture was not really God's words after all.

How can the 1611 King James Bible come from the 1633 Textus Receptus?

The Textus Receptus didn't appear until 1633 so how can the King James Bible, which was translated in 1611, be translated from it?

How Did God Preserve His Words to this Day?

Answer: Down through history, God chose several languages to communicate His message.

How some preachers trick you when defining Greek words!

Video transcript - When he preaches "but the Greek says" he is really just giving an alternate translation of the Greek.

Is "King James Only" a non-scholarly position?

Video transcript - Are those who read only the King James stupid and uneducated?

Is 1 John 5:7 not in any Greek manuscript before the 1600s? If it is true, why is it in the KJV?

1 John 5:7 belongs in the King James Bible and was preserved by faithful Christians. But the passage was removed from many Greek manuscripts, because of the problems it seemed to cause.

Is Isaiah 53:4 a mistranslation for the words "pain" and "suffering" as grief and sorrows?

Isn't Isaiah 53:4 a mistranslation? Shouldn't "grief" and "sorrows" have been translated "pain" and "suffering?"

Is it "heresy" to believe the KJV is perfect?

It's amusing when someone who believes the Bible to be inerrant is called a "heretic" for believing so.

Is it true no doctrines are changed in modern versions?

Video transcript - How a one-verse change led to the creation of a modern cult with thousands of followers world-wide.

Is the Holy Spirit incorrectly called "it" in Romans 8:26 in KJV?

Isn't the Holy Spirit incorrectly called "it" in Romans 8:26 in the KJV?

Is the KJV Inspired or Preserved?

Are only the originals inspired, or did God preserve a completely accurate Bible text for us?

Is the KJV Wrong About Hell?

Author David W Daniels refutes King James Bible translation errors discussed on a radio show by Dr. Robert A Morey.

Is there a recommended edition of theTextus Receptus?

Recommendations from David W. Daniels if you are looking for an interlinear Bible text.

Isn't "Easter" a Mistranslation of "Pascha" and Should It Be Translated As "Passover"?

From 'The Answer Book' by Samuel Gipp.- Isn't 'Easter' in Acts 12:4 a mistranslation of the word 'pascha' and should it be translated as 'passover'?

It's Not a Conspiracy Theory - It's a Fact!

See how this speaker accurately predicted in 1969, how the Bible would be changed to prepare for a new world religion. His accuracy is eerie!

King James Bible a Major Obstacle to the New World Order

A famous occultist reveals how the King James Bible is hindering the New World Order.

Look What They Did to These Verses!

When examined individually, small changes in modern Bibles may appear small and possibly insignificant. However, the total effect can be seen as working against God’s character, His reputation, and His divinity.

Mainline Churches Use Defective Bibles to Approve Sin

Don`t like what the Bible says? Just choose one that justifies your sin!

Muddled Bibles Make Shallow Christians

If you're not really sure what the Bible teaches (because there are so many translations), why change your life based upon it?

Must scholars tell you what God really means?

Video transcript - Can we only understand the Bible with the help of scholars? But they can't even agree on what the Bible says!

My Wycliffe Professor shocked me!

Excerpt taken from 'Why They Changed the Bible', pages 18-19.

New Bible Says Jesus Is...Who?

What if you could buy a Bible with your own church`s doctrines written between its pages? The helps in study Bibles often contain a doctrinal slant.

New Bibles Diminish God’s Words

As new Bibles cut out small bits here, a verse there, they diminish the resurrection of Jesus, the miracle of the Exodus and the deity of Christ. The result is a slow ‘corrosion’ of biblical faith.

New Danish Bible Illustrates Fallacy of Modern Bibles

A new Danish Bible has been attacked for removing the word 'Israel' from many verses. This is a classic example of people posing as translators, who introduce their own interpretation into the scripture.

New KJV Workbook Helps Clarify Bible Versions Issue

Why were the words he was reading different than the ones his pastor was saying?

New NIV Revision to Correct 'Mistakes'

That`s right... 1200 hundred of them.

NIV Interdenominational Masterpiece - Even For Jehovah's Witnesses

"But does it all really matter," one might ask, "if I can support what I believe with the NIV?"

'Nothing Could Be Closer to the Truth'

The Statements of Faith of some major Christian organizations claim that they believe the Bible, but wait until you read the small print!

One Greek Letter Can Change the Gospel

Can just one Greek letter change the gospel from God-centered to man-centered? You are about to find out.

Preachers claim, "I've Never Seen a Bible"

Preachers all over the world are telling their congregations, "This book in my hands is NOT the Bible!"

Publishers Must Make New Bibles Harder To Read or Give Up Copyright Dollars

Modern Bibles must change the text to qualify for copyright.

RV 1960 Polluted with Roman Catholic Flavor

Many popular Spanish Bibles, including the RVR, have word changes that teach salvation by "obedience" instead of purely by faith. That`s Catholic doctrine!

Should "Gehenna" Be Translated "Hell"?

Here is why "Gehenna" correctly translated "hell" in the King James Bible.

Should We Emphasize Jesus' Love Rather Than Argue About Bible Versions?

How can we keep Jesus' words if they have been changed? From "The Answer Book" by Samuel C. Gipp - copyright 1989.

The Difference Between Translator and Teacher

Do you want a Bible translation that tells you what God 'said,' or one that tells you what the translator believes God 'meant?' Formal equivalence versus dynamic equivalence explained.

The Difference Between Translator and Teacher

Do you want to know exactly what the instructions say, or will you trust the second translator's ability to understand the author's intent and not lead you astray?

The Geneva Bible: What's Wrong With It?

Transcript from a video interview between Jack McElroy and David W. Daniels on the problems with the Geneva Bible.

They Just Couldn't Leave 'Bad Enough' Alone

The NIV is proof that some people can't leave bad enough alone. The first NIV actually got something right. Now Zondervan has "fixed" it with an outrageous change.

Translation Method for the King James Bible

The detailed system used to prevent anyone from imposing his own opinion upon the translation. From "Answers To Your Bible Version Questions" by David W. Daniels.

Vatican Now Trying to Steal the KJV

They couldn't destroy it, so now they are trying to take credit for it.

Was Erasmus a "good" Roman Catholic?

Was Erasmus a "good" Roman Catholic, or a rebel committed to giving the Scriptures to the common man?

Was The Apocrypha In The First King James Bible?

The Answer Book, was written by Dr. Samuel Gipp in response to the dozens of questions used by critics of the King James Bible.

Were Italicized Words in the KJV Added By The Translators?

Should italicized words in the King James Bible be removed because they were not in the original text?

Weren't the King James Translators A Bunch of Episcopalian Baby Sprinklers?

They were Bible believers from both Anglican and Puritan churches. From 'The Answer Book' by Samuel Gipp copyright 1989. Reproduced by permisson.

What a Difference a Single Word Makes!

Every day, millions of precious people, hungry for God`s forgiveness of their sins, line up to confess their thoughts and failings to a priest.

What About the "Nuggets" in the Greek?

Often humorous examples of mistakes preachers make using their Greek to correct the King James.

What about the 21st Century KJV Bible?

Isn't the 21st Century King James Bible supposed to be an exact reprint of the original 1611 version but with archaic words replaced for the closest modern word? Can it be trusted?

What Will You Do When They Know It's Not True?

Once upon a time there was a missionary in a far-off land...

What's Right with KJV-Onlyism?

If God wrote only one Book, what's the problem with trusting and submitting to that one Book?

What's wrong with the New King James?

Video transcript - The New King James is a "transition Bible," meant to pull you away from the King James to one of the modern versions.

When Do the Scriptures Lie? When They are Changed!

Proverbs 30:5-6 declares: "Every word of God is pure… Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar." That includes adding or subtracting. (See Revelation 22:18-19.)

When Does a Conspiracy Theory Become Fact?

As it became clear that modern Bibles remove or change many verses, it begs the question: is this intentional? Is it a conspiracy to change the Bible? All it took was careful research to find the truth!

When The Pastor Refers to 'The Greek,' Which Greek is it?

Many people in our congregations are impressed with preachers who refer to the Greek or Hebrew in their sermons.

Where was the Bible before 1611?

The series of English Bibles that led up to the translation of the King James Version. How we can recognize God's endorsement of the KJV.

Which Words are Jesus' Words?

So which words are Jesus` words? Every single word of the Bible! The Bible is God`s words to us.

Who Killed Goliath?

In spite of the overwhelming evidence in Scripture of the outcome of David's dramatic defeat of Goliath, The New International Version, 1984 US edition, couldn't get it right.

Who were the Translators of the King James Bible?

Here are the highly qualified translators of the King James Bible.

Who were Westcott and Hort?

A brief overview of the views of Brook Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort, who created the text used in modern Bibles.

Why Are Some KJV Words Italicized?

The italics usually are a simple way of telling us when the word in English is not in the Hebrew or the Greek.

Why Do We Need "Thee" and "Thou"?

In almost every language but Modern English, people knew whether the speaker was addressing one person or many.

Why does Gen. 42:25 refer to corn, when corn is a new world crop?

The fact is that the word "corn" comes from a word, meaning "grain" and related to "kernel."

Why Does Romans 8:16, 26 Call the Holy Spirit "It" and Not "He"?

Why does Romans 8:16, 26 refer to the Holy Spirit as an "it" and not a "he", like is found in other parts of Scripture?

Why does the Hebrew use a female noun for the Holy Spirit?

Should Hebrew use a masculine or feminine noun for the Holy Spirit?

Why doesn't the King James Bible always translate "Yahweh" as Jehovah?

The translators of the KJV used the term "Jehovah" only under strict circumstances, and for good reason.

Why should God's Word be restricted to English?

Video transcript - Why did God bless an English translation? What about other languages?

Why Should the KJV Not Say "Passover" in Acts 12:4?

Passover is not the correct translation of pascha in this single New Testament passage.

Why translate "theopneustos" in 2 Ti. 3:16 as "inspired" instead of "God-breathed"?

Why does the KJV translate "theopneustos" in 2 Ti. 3:16 as "inspired" rather than "God-breathed"

Why Would God Bother?

Why would God bother to inspire the original manuscripts if He wasn't going to preserve His words?

Why Young Christian Leaders Are Losing Their Faith

A Christian band member shook his world. He announced that he no longer believes in God: 'Once I found that I didn’t believe the Bible was the perfect Word of God, it didn't take long to realize that I was no longer sure he was there at all.' Where did he go wrong?