New Soul-Winning Film Nearly Ready

Jack Chick is nearing completion on a massive project that has consumed much of his life for the last several years. A feature-length film, The Light of the World, will be released in October. Based on 350 original oil paintings by the accomplished artist Fred Carter, The Light Of The World will present Jesus as Creator, as Redeemer and Coming King.

More than a portrayal of the life of Jesus, it shows Him from the beginning as Creator and how He gave the law to mankind in preparation for His redemptive sacrifice on the cross. Included in the film, in full color, is the message of This Was Your Life, one of the most popular gospel tracts ever written.

After viewing a preliminary segment, author David Daniels said that he had not seen another Christian video that so graphically illustrates the huge struggle between God and Satan for the hearts of mankind. It shows how God puts forth part of His eternal plan and how Satan moves to block it. Yet, time after time, God moves in love to foil Satan's plans ultimately redeeming the world at Calvary.

In typical Jack Chick style, the viewer will be confronted in the end with the ultimate choice, heaven or hell, with Jesus as the only escape from eternal fire. The illustrations are so powerful that the viewer cannot help but feel the heat.

The film will be released both on DVD and VHS. Christians worldwide will want to show it in their homes to family and friends. It will provide a powerful image to be used in church groups, Sunday School classes, etc. Everyone who sees it will know that they must make a choice that will set their eternal destiny.

The director has finished shooting the illustrations, the emotional original musical score and orchestration is receiving its finishing touches, and the narrators have completed the various voices used in the film.

The ultimate goal is to reproduce the video in over 1000 languages for use all over the world. A new organization has been created called Light of the World Project to receive tax deductible donations to fund the translations.

Watch our web site for more information as the public release of this film approaches.