Over 55,000 Christians Martyred Each Year

A German Religious Liberty Commission reports that as least 55,000 Christians are killed every year for their faith. Believers in India, Indonesia and Pakistan are at the greatest risk.

Voice of the Martyrs describes one incident that did not result in the death of the pastor, but who barely survived a merciless beating.

While passing out literature on the street in India, Pastor M. Aharon was mobbed by about 100 Hindu "radicals." Police prevented his escape until his face was covered with blood for blows to the head. When he was barely able to stand, the police escorted him away. Aharon was attacked because he had led over 700 Hindus and Muslims to Christ and established 12 churches.

Countries governed by Islamic law are the most repressive. Hundreds of churches have been burned in Indonesia and even more "moderate" Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia and Turkey refuse to allow Christian congregations to have places of worship.

There are no Christian church buildings in Saudi Arabia and all public non-Muslim worship services are banned. Even private house services by foreign workers are often raided by the Muttawa (religious police) and leaders arrested.

The U.S. State department reports that, in Saudi Arabia, "...basic religious freedoms are denied to all but those who adhere to the state-sanctioned version of Sunni Islam." Even Christian visitors have reported that their bibles were confiscated and shredded by Saudi customs officials.

World leaders are attempting to divide the Muslim world into "moderates" and "radicals." Turkey and Saudi Arabia are supposedly examples of the more moderate. However, a careful look at what they teach their people, discloses how radical even they are compared to western attitudes of religious freedom.

Textbooks used in Saudi Arabia are laced with hatred against any non-Muslim. Students are instructed to show no courtesy or respect to non-believers who are destined for hell fire. Jews are called "apes" and Christians, "swine." This indoctrination begins before first grade and continues until graduates are thoroughly programmed to wage jihad against all "infidels" to "spread the faith."

Researchers found that textbooks containing the same hate message are used in Saudi-funded schools in Pakistan, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Italy-and even in the U.S.

Few world leaders have dared to recognize that this is a new kind of war, a clash of cultures more than a clash of armies. It is not new in that most wars are fueled by conflicting world views. The difference is the method of warfare.

In the past, war has been fought on a specific spot of geography called the "battlefield." Soldiers were recognized by their uniforms and avoided involving civilians as much as possible.

Today, the attack can be anywhere, carried out, not by uniformed soldiers, but ordinary looking people with no regard for who they kill. Islam declares all non-Muslims as "enemy combatants," - "infidels"- worthy to die because they refuse to worship Allah.

Muslim leaders, such as President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, believe that Allah is about to send their Muslim messiah, the 12th Imam, to establish Islam as the world religion. They believe that a time of worldwide chaos is necessary before he can come and they are committed to creating that chaos.

Bible believers must not let this chaos distract from our one purpose of being here: the Great Commission. In fact, Jesus warned us in Matt. 24 and Luke 21 about these days. We are first to look out to the fields white for harvest. At the same time, when we see these days of worldwide trouble, we are to look up for a soon redemption.

Muslims are taught hate and revenge from before kindergarten. We must do all we can to show them the true God who is Love and that He does not need our help in His program of revenge on those who reject His love gift, salvation through Jesus Christ.

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