Pope Pressured to Reveal Names of 'Lost Jews'

One reason the ancient Hebrew tribe, known today as Jews or Israelis, still exists is their steadfast refusal to be "assimilated" into other ethnic cultures. Currently in Israel there are organizations dedicated to "anti-assimilation."

After decades of pressure on the Vatican, one such organization received electrifying news recently. A representative of the pope suggested that the Vatican might release the names of the Jewish babies who were handed over to the Catholic church during the Holocaust.

It seems that thousands of Jewish children were saved from the gas chambers by being adopted by non-Jewish families or placed in Catholic orphanages, nunneries and monasteries. It is believed that detailed records exist somewhere of the names, dates and locations where these children were placed. Apparently these children were raised as Roman Catholics and not told of their Jewish heritage.

Rabbi Shalom Dov Lifschitz, head of the anti-assimilation organization, believes that, if these records were revealed, thousands of these "lost Jews" may be alive and would learn for the first time of their Jewish heritage. Since word has gotten out that the pope might finally reveal the records, Lifschlitz`s offices have been "flooded" with emotional letters, many containing details that would help identify them.

Jewish organizations in Europe are poised to "reveal to Holocaust orphans their Jewish past and provide them with accurate information concerning their families," should the pope choose to release the records.

This little-known aspect to the Holocaust exposes the duplicity of the Vatican during the horrors of Hitler`s attempt to solve the "Jewish Problem." For most of the last 1500 years, the popes have done everything they could to wipe out the Jews. Declaring them "Christ killers" and unfit to exist, they have harassed them into ghettos and inflamed mobs and civil governments into executing them.

Ex-Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera was told in secret briefings that Hitler was secretly supported by the Vatican in his attempt to execute "a final solution to the Jewish problem." Rivera explains the details in the Alberto series Crusaders Comic, The Godfathers. Further information is contained in Section V of The Secret History of the Jesuits by Edmond Paris. Both volumes are available from Chick Publications.

What appears on the surface as an act of mercy in saving these babies, was actually a subtle attack on the Jews. By raising them as subjects of the pope and never disclosing their heritage, their Jewishness was obliterated just as effectively as Hitler`s gas chambers.

Apparently the pope thinks that enough time has passed that it is safe to reveal the names or someone misspoke and the Jews are not going to allow it to pass.

Today, this leopard has attempted to change its spots, but occasionally evidence surfaces proving that Roman Catholicism is that prostitute "church" identified in Revelation 17 and 18.
Soul winners, we must not be duped into believing that this is "just another denomination with a slightly different worship tradition."

The precious Roman Catholic people must be told that trusting the pope will only lead to hell. They must trust Jesus alone for assurance of eternal life. 


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