Ancient Fortress More Evidence of Bible History

Workers in northern Israel have unearthed what appears to be a fortress used by one of King David’s allies. People with shovels in Israel keep proving that Jesus kept His word to preserve the Bible for us.

Can You Trust Your Bible?

When someone says to you, "the Bible is just a bunch of legends put together decades or centuries later," he is not aware of the facts.

Catholic League Helps New York Turn History into 'Myth'

A new interest in the Holocaust is showing up in social studies curricula across the country.

Five Pillars of Reformation Truth

Every believer should know the foundation issues on which Martin Luthur and the others stood when they rose up to denounce the pope as the antichrist.

Founders of "Mainline" Churches Knew Who Anti-Christ Was

The following quotes show just how far the churches of today have strayed from the wisdom of their founding fathers.

In defense of former Jesuit Alberto Rivera

Letter by James Houston responding to Christianity Today after their article claimed Alberto Rivera was a fraud.

Newfound Dead Sea Scrolls Prove Bible History

Discovery of more scrolls near the Dead Sea continue to show that the Bible is historically correct.

Opportunistic Vatican On The Move Again

Pope Francis wants the world's political and religious leaders to join together against climate change. A platform to work toward global political and religious unity.

Pope Pressured to Reveal Names of 'Lost Jews'

Jewish leaders are concerned that these Jews, raised Catholic from childhood, have a right to know their Jewish heritage.

Popular Televangelist Humbled by Catholic League Forced to Deny Vatican Anti-Semitism

Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church, in San Antonio, Texas, was pressured to state publicly that the prostitute church of Revelation 17 and 18 is not the Roman Catholic church.

Where's the Trash?

When Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon (or supposedly translated it from Moroni`s golden plates) he included elaborate stories of early Jewish settlers in the Americas.