Prison Ministry Letters: March-2003

I found a Chick tract on a shelf in the Post Office. Until this time I didn't know Chick tracts even existed. It occurred to me that these tracts might be good to reach prisoners with. I wrote the state prison commission for a list of all the prisons and correction institutions in the state. They sent me a list of 99 Centers. I wrote to the superintendent of each center and asked for permission to mail tracts once a month to each center. I had only two outright refusals. From one little tract in the Post Office, I now have a viable prison ministry through the mail.
M.S., North Carolina

For nearly five years I have been serving time for a crime I committed. I have been reading some of The Crusaders published by your company. Since my conversion I have stood firmly on my KJV 1611 yet I never knew why until reading Sabotage. God has blessed me and I am learning to pass the Word of God on to others. I rejected Christ for years and lived in sin with plans for a sin-filled future. For no reason that I knew of God led me to a Bible and I began to read it. I asked Jesus to take me as I was and make me into what He will have me to be. God told my wife (we were separated), through one of our children, that I loved her and needed her. She came to me and I asked that she forgive me for wrongs I had done. I am 32 and my wife 29 and in the nine years we had been together she had never heard me apologize to anyone. God gave me back the one true treasure I have, my family. I thank God for this blessing. In three years I will be able to go home. God has a plan for me.

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